Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday - Favorites

This was such a busy week and I can't believe it is already Friday. I seriously can't tell you what I did this week. Monday we drove back from the beach, Tuesday I had a few appointments, Wednesday/Thursday was filled with errands. And that brings us to Friday! Of course I would love to say I am doing something fabulous today but I have about 2.5 hours to spend at the car dealer for our tuneup/oil change, followed by a trip to the airport to pick up the hubby. He has been in Boston the past few days for work and I can't wait to have him home.

With being so busy I did find 5 things that I am currently obsessed with!!

1. Blink Buggy
Have you tried this? Blinkbuggy was started by an ex-Google employee and it is a way to document and share all of your child's milestones. Your family can even sign up for a e-mail that is delivered every Tuesday that recaps everything you posted. Not to mention they even have a phone app so you can document on the go as well. I am definitely going to sign up for this. Not to mention they even have a feature where you can print your uploads into memory books. Of course I have a traditional baby book I bought from Anthropologie which I love, but this is a great way to share with all my family members and friends who I don't see daily.

Did I mention this is FREE?? So stop what you are doing and sign up if you have kids! If you are currently using Blink Buggy let me know. Would love to learn the tips and tricks.

2. BlaBla Dolls
I love these dolls! I bought these for a few friends from a local store when I was living in Boston. I always couldn't wait for the day to put these in my own nursery. Again, I am slightly obsessed with my cat Armondo so I need to have all the cat BlaBla dolls! Specifically Splash the cat, and the rattles!!
You can find these at small boutiques, online at, and Anthropologie even sells them too! I feel that these will be childhood keepsakes and not to mention class up the babies nursery!

We visited Jeni's ice cream with friends while in Atlanta and I can't stop dreaming about the Buckeye State flavor. It was so good! I ordered first and got 2 scoops, while everyone else we were with got 3 scoops. I was so upset when I finished and everyone else still had more. It has been over a week and I am still thinking I should have gone back and gotten one more scoop. 

Jeni's has store locations in Ohio, Atlanta and opening in Charleston. Check out the website if any local groceries store have it. I just found a location close to us and will be heading there tomorrow after our car tuneup! Not to mention they also ship!! I am extra excited for Charleston because we are planning a trip there this fall. Don't you worry I will definitely be getting 3 scoops of ice cream and may even splurge on hot fudge as well. 

In the meantime, I might buy the cookbook. We love using our Cusinart ice cream maker and thinking I can definitely impress our guests this summer making these recipes. Jeni is also doing a book tour so if you are in the area check it out! 

Have you tried Jeni's yet? Let me know what flavor you love. Since they carry products in local grocery stores and you can buy online I may be willing to sample a new flavor!!

A few months ago I stumbled upon Sweet Paul on Pinterest and basically started pinning everything on the boards. I then found the magazines at Anthropologie and fell in love. Recently they came out with a new cookbook that I must have! 
I can't tell you how amazing all the recipes and ideas are. They sell the cookbook at Anthopologie, Crate and Barrel, Amazon to name a few. I feel like I retweet one of their posts daily. Follow me on Twitter and you can see how I am slightly obsessed with them. I highly suggest following Sweet Paul on Pinterest and Twitter. Next week I am debating on making either the Lemon Ricotta Asparagus Tartlets or the Supremely Simple Strawberry and Rhubarb Tart

5. Austin, Texas
My sister-in-law and co-blogger is heading to Austin Texas for a Bachelorette party this weekend and I am so excited for her. Austin is on my places to go list and I can't wait to hear all about her trip and then start planning my own trip. Check out Erin's blogpost on what she has planned! 

Have a great weekend and Happy Pinning!
By Jennifer Shelton