Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lollipop Spiders - Pinterest Win

So I am ALL about Halloween DIY crafts. I went to Michael's the other day and as I was shopping I had Pinterest open on my phone searching for things to recreate.
Of course I started with the easiest project that took me less than a half hour to create. This is a great craft for the kids as well. Well, depending on how you glue on the eyes. I decided that the hot glue gun was the answer and may have a lil less feeling in my fingertips as I type this post. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be cute for my spider bowl as well as the neighborhood kids.
Source via Pinterest
So this was fairly simple and cheap to execute! All of the products can be found on Amazon (affiliate links used) or your local craft store/walmart/target!

Supplies Needed:

  • Cut the pipe cleaners in half. I would cut three at a time so it gave me two sets of legs. 
  • I then put them around the lollipop and twisted around. 
  • Once twisted I would then bend the legs so that the lollipop spider will stand. 
  • Last but not least glue on the eyes!

So simple and so cute!! 

Fall Spookiness Front Door!

So after ten thousand trips to Michael's, Target, Homegoods, Walmart, etc I finally finished decorating our front door. I had so many ideas from Pinterest but couldn't justify the cost of buying all those pumpkins. Nor could I spend $20 on a fake pumpkin (I will be stocking up after Halloween though)! 
For our mums I was able to score a bunch from the scratch and sent aisle st Lowes which I have mentioned before. All of the big mums I was able to get for 50% off. And since it has been such a rainy mess here I was at Walmart and bought all the pumpkins. They had the best selection and were super cheap. And for all the fall flair I was at Michael's where they had 50% off Halloween + 50% off one item, and then 25% off my purchase! If I had only looked at the coupons on my phone prior to checking out I would have bought more!!! I am sure I will add more pumpkins and flair as the weeks go by but just wanted to share in case you needed some inspiration! 

PS... Next year we will work on adding more spookiness! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So I finally joined Snapchat and have no clue how to use it or add friends! My screen name (are they even called that??) is jennyluhu1. Definitely add me so I can follow you!!