Country Club Prep

Have you heard of Country Club Prep? I just discovered this online store and I am obsessed. I read that they had Beaufort Bonnets (my favorite baby gift) and FREE SHIPPING! Woo Hoo!!! So I am definitely making this my go to source for Beaufort Bonnets. Not to mention when you sign up for their e-mail list they currently are offering a 17% off discount. HELLO SHOPPING!!!

Some of the brands they sell are Jack Rogers, Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Sail to Sable, Lacoste, Sperry, etc

Check out Country Club Prep here. This is my referral link!

Here are a few items that I am currently looking at!!

We Bought a House! 
Actually we bought a plot of land... that one day will be a house!! Since we moved to NC for the past year we were pretty set on one development in Davidson called River Run. Well shortly after we moved here we found out I was pregnant and put our house buying plans on hold. However, once in a blue moon we would visit other developments to get a sense of what is available in the area. In April we went to one development that I loved. We talked to the sales person and she told me about a new development across from River Run. I basically took it with a grain of salt thinking it was a different development near the power lines.

Flash forward to July when we were out and about and stopped by River Run again to see what homes were available. The salesperson there told us about the development across the street that they had just sold and took us on a tour. I was not a fan of those houses that were built whatsoever. She kept telling us that she had 2 plots of land available to build on but just figured that was so out of reach for us. She took our information and said once she had pricing she would be in touch. The Monday before I had the baby she reached out saying that one of the properties we were looking at sold but the other was still available but others were looking at it. So next thing we know in 48 hours we were in their offices signing paperwork to buy the property. They started the foundation in November and we should be finished in June! I can't believe we are going to be homeowners. 
Our house will look somewhat like this! We have a different color scheme.

Excuse how huge I look, this was the day before I was induced!

No joke, I signed the final papers while I was in labor! 
The start of our foundation!
So over the past few months I have been on Pinterest nonstop picking out ideas for our new home. I can't wait to share them with you. And obviously the finished results as well!

If you need me I will be on Pinteresting pinning!!


So recently the folks at Charish reached out to me and I wasn't familiar with their brand. I went to the website and am now OBSESSED! Basically Chairish is a designer home flea market where you can sell your furniture and home decorations to other people. Not to mention they offer free shipping. How AMAZING is that?

When I signed up I also received a $20 rebate as well. Definitely sign up because you know what they say... One persons junk is another persons treasure!!

We are currently looking for furniture and decorations for our new home and I think I can basically find everything I am looking for on this website! Here are a few things that I am looking at. The prices range and can get pricey but really cool and unique items.

Issac Mizrahi Rug
I am SO obsessed with this rug!! Chairish also has other designer rugs too ( We are currently looking for rugs for the breakfast area, living room, bedroom, and dining room. Need to talk to the hubby!

Love this table! It is a little pricey so I will be keeping my eye on it!

Definitely check out and let me know what you find!

Happy Pinning!
Oprah's Favorites!! 
 am SO in the Christmas spirt! It started when I saw that Oprah released her favorite things list!! And it has snowballed since reading the list two days ago. Yesterday at Stroller Strides I saw the grounds crew putting up the tree and decorations at Birkdale Village where my class is held and I squealed with delight. And then after class I went to Michael's and my head started to spin with ideas of new decorations to attempt!

So enough rambling about my love of Christmas and down to business. I am slightly obsessed with Oprah's Favorite Things list. It is so fun to see what she picks out each year. I love some of the ridiculous stuff, but then again I have found a few products like EOS, Chicken Pot Pies and my Ciao Bella Blood Orange Gelato. Not going to lie when reading the first few items I was quite disappointed. Even if I had all the money in the world it wasn't anything I loved. Luckily I kept reading on and found a few things that I may have to add to my Christmas List. This years list definitely focuses on pampering yourself! Most of the items on the list are perfect for a snowy day where you just want to relax inside in your pajamas!

My Favorites
Copper Tray and Mug Set - Love these! I can just imagine now sitting outside on my new back patio drinking these. Unfortunately with a $365 price tag I will have to keep on imagining!!

Kate Spade Ballpoint Pens - What can I say? I love everything Kate Spade. How cute are these colors? But with a $36 price tag I think I would only use the pens when I am actually writing letters to Oprah. I would be so afraid that I would lose the pen. Maybe I will get the pen for our home closing. Haha!
Nate Berkus at Target Dessert Plate Set - Well for one thing these are actually affordable and I can actually afford them. And they would like great with my dishes. I am going to have to watch these and see if they go on sale at Target.
Vineyard Cuff Links - These might be the perfect present for my husband. Since we have so many expenses we are buying each other stuff for the home, however for $68 these would make a great gift.
Ultimate Welcome Home Present - What a great idea for a new baby. I am definitely going to have to add this to my go to shower gifts. I have a few Burt's bees clothes and burp rags that I love. The cotton is so incredibly soft.
Edward Bess Black Sea Precious Pearl Perfector - I am just intrigued by this. I am always on the lookout for new facial creams. Anything to look younger and 25 right? Has anyone tried this yet?

Remarkable Bark - I am drooling right now reading the description …"part graham cracker, part toffee bar, etc". In other words part heaven!!
Most Ridiculous
Vine and Bloom Box - Seriously flowers flown over from Hawaii to make your house smell good? Oh that makes the $180 price tag okay because they also have a coupon code for 20% off.
Happy Holiday Loaf - A $150 sourdough loaf of bread? Time to put those wedding presents to use and start baking bread!!

I was also proud to learn that Oprah and I have the same love of cookware (Le Creuset)!!! I have both the stoneware and the cast iron that I use daily. They are definitely worth the investment. And make sure you buy them at the outlet. They are half the price and in great condition. Not to mention if you are looking for a certain piece/color they will take your name and number and call you when they have it. I believe they also have free shipping. Most of my stoneware I have picked up at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Homegoods, for some reason the stoneware is super expensive at the outlet. I have the white color and for some reason only a few retailers (Macy's) carry that line in store.

I also have a gift card for Warby Parker but have yet to pick out a pair of glasses. Has anyone tried it online? I know they have a store in Boston, I am heading up there next weekend but not sure if I will have enough time to stop by.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Oprah's list? What do you want? Any must haves?

Also, I am started a Christmas List 2014 Pinterest board that you should check out! This is for the entire family! So Mom if you are reading make sure to take notes!!

Happy Pinning!!
Winterization For Nails
Can I just tell you one of my favorite parts of being pregnant was how good my nails looked? For the only time in my life they were so long and strong. My nails are a disaster especially since it started to get cold. I will spare you pictures of my nails because quite frankly I am embarrassed. It has gotten to the point to where I am embarrassed to go to a nail salon to get manicures because I am afraid I will be judged. Not to mention I have a 3 month old so actually being able to go to the nail salon is basically a no-go. That is why I was so excited when the folks at Julep reached out to me about doing a post on winterizing nails. Not to mention I am a nail polish junkie!! Definitely check out their nail polish colors. They have the most fabulous colors!

I thought that these were great tips that are so simple. I will be following these tips all winter long when I am home snuggling with the lil one (obviously after my nails dry!!!).

First you need to make sure you clip and shape with a nail file. Also, for the winter shorter is better. Which definitely works to my advantage since my nails are basically nonexistent.

Second, use a cuticle remover. I love the tip about warming the cuticle remover in the microwave before using. Having a 3 month old I hear spa like experience and I am already more relaxed. Not to mention I feel that having the warmth on nails makes it easier to push back and shape with a cuticle pusher.

Now it is the fun part of cleaning them up. Make sure to buff which is always my favorite part. For some odd reason I get ridges in my nails and buffing not only makes them look shiny and new, but also makes the polish go on smoother.

What I am most excited about is the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment which helps make your nails stronger and healthy. They sell a duo product which is a top coat and a base coat. This is a product new to me and I definitely need to purchase. My poor lil nails need some spa pampering too.

And now is the fun part and my most favorite part! Picking out the color and painting. I don't know why but I am obsessed with new nail polish colors. I can spend hours at the drug store trying to pick the perfect color red, pink and we can't forget the perfect sparkle for holiday parties. Definitely check them out here.

Shari is going to be my go to color for day to day activities. I am always looking for the most perfect color of pink. I am a huge fan of light pinks since they don't show the chips as much. 
Then I am a huge fan of sparkle nail polishes for holiday parties! I think it is fun and festive. A few years ago my company had a black and bling themed party and I must have put 10 coats of sparkly nail polish on to get the right look. That is why I was so excited to see MIA as a list of their colors. 

And lets not forgot the toes too! I am a HUGE fan of red nail polish and always on the lookout for something new. Or more like the perfect shade of red. Which I do believe I found with the January color. How awesome does this look? A total classic red which also can be good for the holidays too! 

I also like to keep the cuticle serum at my kitchen sink to moisturize in the morning and at night. It takes just a minute to rub in and really helps to keep your cuticles up to par. Julep has a Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum that would be perfect to make sure they stay moisturized.

And do you know what my favorite thing to do is when my nails are drying? You guess it pinning! Would love to hear more about your favorite nail colors? Are you a Julep member? Do you have any tips and tricks for trying to keep your nails healthy in the winter? Let me know!

Happy Pinning!

Stitch Fix
Hi everyone - Erin here!  When it comes to shopping, I can be a creature of habit.  I have a few adventurous friends that always look amazing with the latest trends or with a vintage flair (I'm looking at you Emily and Christine!).

I am always so jealous of their looks and I tell myself I'm going to try something new when I shop. But more often than not, I'll find a J. Crew outlet sale online and decide to buy 1 sweater in all 8 colors...yawn!

I stumbled upon a great new subscription service that has become one of my newest guilty pleasures! Stitch Fix is an online store that does all of the personal styling for you!  This has changed my wardrobe completely.  Their stylists are forcing me to get out of my comfort zone - and I love it! 

On Stitch Fix, you complete a very comprehensive online profile where you pick what you love and hate via style boards.  You also have the option to attach a Pinterest board to allow the stylist to have better insight into your style. 

From a budget perspective, you can specify how much you typically spend on pieces (tops, pants, outerwear, jewelry, etc.) and you can tell them what type of clothes you need.  On my profile, I told the stylists I am interested in tops and dresses in a lower price range. 

Here's how it works....based on the frequency you decide (Once a month or every other month) you will receive a box in the mail with 5 pieces included.  You can try them on at home and the only investment you've made is $20 for the styling fee.  You can return anything you don't like within 3 business days in a prepaid shipment bag.  If you love all 5 pieces, you receive a 25% discount on the total shipment.

Stitch Fix will also include a style card like the one below to show you how to mix and match the pieces with staples that you most likely have in your wardrobe.

My first two Stitch Fixes have been a complete success - I kept the entire shipment and have worn every piece so far.  I couldn't believe how many compliments I received on it!

I would highly recommend this service for anyone that needs a little help making their wardrobe exciting again.  This would also be hugely helpful for any new moms who can't shop as often as they would like.  I wouldn't recommend Stitch Fix for someone that is highly particular and treats shopping as a hobby. 

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

Happy Pinning!

Quick Updos
I am so not skilled at doing my hair! My options are ponytail, barrette, headband, and messy bun! I need to start switching it up! Here are 5 new updos I am going to start attempting! I think they look easy enough to attempt. Let me know if you have any secrets or any recommendations!

This looks simple enough but I guess the key is finding a barrette or clip that holds the hair in place. Also do you remember back in the nineties they used to have a hair tool to accomplish the first of this undo?
This undo is extremely similar to above and instead of a ponytail you do a braid. I think that this might actually hold better with my hair. I have super thick hair and tends to be unruly when I have updos!

This is not an updo but another pinned recommended throwing the curlers in a warm dryer and then spray lightly with hairspray. Cool for 10 minutes. Has anyone tried this? Does it melt the curlers? My hair is so thick and I love curls but can never get them to stay. I am wondering if this would help.
We can't forget the sock bun. I have friends that can do this everyday. I still have not mastered this whatsoever. I even bought the sock bun kit by con-air to try and help me. After 10 minutes of fighting with my hair, my arms get tired, I am frustrated and my hair goes back in a ponytail. I need to watch a YouTube video to see if I can pick up any tips. If you know of anything let me know!
Last but not least a classic french twist! This looks pretty simple and might need some practice to accomplish. Not to mention a few bobby pins!
So as you can see I have a lot of practice ahead of me! I will make sure to follow-up to this blog post with what worked best on my hair, and what I have learned. In the meantime, would love to have your suggestions and feedback.

If you would like to see more of my favorite hairstyles check out my Pinterest page here.

Happy Pinning!

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Tory Burch for Fitbit
Yesterday on Facebook I saw that Tory Burch is coming out with bracelets for Fitbit. How adorable are these bracelets? I might have to put them on my Christmas list! Obviously I would need both the brass bracelet and the pink plastic one! I am wondering if Lilly Pulitzer will also come out with a few designs?
Mashable has a great article which reviews the products which you can read here

Speaking of which does anyone own a Fitbit? I have been researching them but would love to have your opinion. I love the concept. 

Try New Things - Arts & Crafts
So today I woke up and realized I didn't have any projects to work on. I mean their is always cleaning and cooking, but that isn't any fun. So I have been exploring Pinterest for some new arts and crafts ideas to work on. What are your favorites? 

I thought these would be cute for someone who has a toddler! A way to make fancy refrigerator letters, but with stainless refrigerators not sure how many people still use magnets! Basically all you need is magnet letters, spray paint and some painters tape to cover the magnet while painting. 
For the backyard I thought this could be a cute hostess gift! I love the way they used the antique chalk paint to give the ring toss game more charm. I love how they added sparkles to the rings. Not sure how long they would last but definitely gives it some flair! 
And last but not least I am running out of my Bliss Super Minty Soap & Scrub, and considering all the beauty purchases I made last week I need to be good and not buy a new one since they are pricey. However, definitely curious to try out this recipe for homemade bath salts. I would use peppermint essential oil to mimic the smell of my Bliss Minty Scrub. Considering this is just for me I will eliminate the gel coloring! If these work out well they could be cute stocking stuffers for the holidays!
I would love to hear your thoughts on if you have made any of these, or any tips if you have done anything similar!

Happy Pinning!
Beauty Favorites 
So I don't know how I manage to do it, but somehow I finish all my makeup at the same time! So I have been on the lookout for some new products to try! Do you have any favorites or recommendations that I should try? Here are a few of the items I have recently bought. Would love to hear your thoughts as well!!

Beauty Favorite 1.... BEAUTYCOUNTER Any Time Eye Cream 
I blogged a few weeks ago about Beautycounter's  Protect All Over Broad Spectrum Sunscreen which I absolutely love. (Read post here.)Not to mention it is not filled with harsh chemicals like most store brand sunscreens.  So I was so excited to try their eye cream as well! I purchased the Any Time Eye Cream and love it! It is super light and I use it both morning and night! I have been using it for the past week and definitely recommend. Not to mention since it is from Beautycounter I can guarantee that the products are healthy for my skin. I am also eyeing the Everyday AM and PM Hydrating creams but I have 2-3 moisturizers at home that  I have to finish first. If you haven't heard about Beautycounter you can read more about their story here. Definitely check it out!
Any Time Eye Cream
Beauty Favorite 2... Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation by Tarte
So I have been reading about this powder foundation for a while. Kate at The Small Things Blog did a post a few months ago and I have been thinking about the product ever since. So far all of the reviews I have read are extremely positive. I went to Ulta yesterday to see what color would match my skin tone the best and walked out with Fair Light Honey. They didn't have the brush I wanted (recommended by Kate at The Small Things Blog) so I went home and purchased the Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush at The brush is highly recommended over the traditional Kabuki brush from mineral makeup. However, I am not 100% sold so I am going to attempt to use my Laura Mercier Face Brush to see if I notice the difference. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have used Amazonian Tarte foundation and if you thought the brush was worth it!

TARTE Amazonian Clay Airbrush  Foundation

TARTE Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation  Brush

Beauty Favorite 3... Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
This is actually the second time I have purchased this blush! The first time I purchased and had buyers remorse that I had spent too much money that day and returned it! However, yesterday I didn't have one problem purchasing!! This is another product that Kate at The Small Things Blog has recommended a few times for everything from minimal makeuptravel essentialsbridal, etc. it is a blush and a highlighter. I bought the Luminous Flush color because my skin is fair and it looks like the best match. I also bought this at so excited to have it arrive next week. 
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
Beauty Favorite 4... Kiss My Face Early To Bed Body Wash
I was excited to find this body gel that smells great but also has calming scents that I found at Whole Foods. Perfect for those showers before bed. If you go to the Kiss My Face website you can see which retailers in your area carry the products. Not to mention Amazon sells them as well.
Beauty Favorite 5... Free Samples at Sephora
I remember when Sephora first opened in Boston and started the Beauty Insider program. They always had the best samples in store to use your points. However, the past 1-2 years I have been so disappointed in the selection that I have been saving my points! Until I discovered the fact that you can use your points online!!! The point value ranges from 100-1000 but they and everything from YSL mascara to Marc Jacobs Beauty products! This is what I used my points for! I am so incredibly excited and luckily these are 3 things that I was looking to purchase too! SCORE!!
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick

Yves St Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
Before I purchased I noticed a link on the website for Weekly Specials! If you enter in a promo code you get to pick samples!  I chose the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask deluxe sample.

The goodies didn't stop there either! With every purchase you can also pick out three free samples. I picked the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, Marula Cleansing Lotion, and Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eye cream.

Did I mention I also got free shipping? I am SO SO SO excited for all my purchases to get here next week!

Definitely let me know if you have tried any of these products, or if you have any recommendations on other products I should use!
Environmental Working Group Website
I was recently at a Beautycounter Event and they mentioned a website called which reviews household and beauty products for safety. Most importantly they go into depth about which products say they are organic and natural but really are filled with toxic substances. 

At the Beautycounter event they spoke about how their products are approved by as well as statistics about how lax the FDA is about approving products that the UK and Europe won't approve. Definitely check out the Beautycounter website for more information. This event made me start to think about all the products I use on my body daily that might not be the best for me. One of which is sunscreen.

Since it is summertime and we are slathering on the sunscreen and I wanted to share the ratings. I know I have been using the Coppertone Spray suntan lotion forever because of the ease, but not anymore! Spray sunscreens have inhalation risks according to the website. They also list what you should and shouldn't be looking for in your sunscreen. Which includes...

  • No spray sunscreen
  • No super-high SPFs
  • No oxybenzone
  • No retinyl palmitate
  • No combined sunscreen/bug repellents
  • No sunscreen powders or towelettes
  • No tanning oils
So what does this all mean? On the website they list 149 of the best sunscreens that you should be using on yourself and your children. A lot of the products listed are hard to find, but wanted to list a few that you can pickup at Target/Walmart or your pharmacy store. You can order the Beautycounter sunscreens via the link below.

The Honest Company Sunscreen SPF 30
California Baby Everyday/Year-Round Sunscreen SPF 30+ 
Beautycounter Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Sunscreen
Definitely checkout the website for more information on everything from sunscreens, to household cleaning products to makeup information. I also downloaded the app which allows me to scan my products before I buy them and see the ratings.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale and Pinterest Fails
First, let's talk about the most important thing! Kate Spade is having a secret sale up to 75% off. The sale ends tonight at midnight so if you are interested in buying something don't hesitate!!
Here are a few of my favorite items from the sale!

I am in desperate need of new makeup bags! Well not desperate but I need 2 makeup bags and I want them to match!!
Par Avion Small Natalie Bag $49
Par Avion Stripe Small Henrietta $29

Of course I need some jewels as well. I love this necklace with all the different colors.
Putting on the Ritz Graduated Necklace $99
And last but not least for my golfer friends they have these earrings! Kate Spade did an adorable golf line last year that I was always trying to get my golfer friends to buy the bags. Totally silly but not bad for $19!!
On Par Earrings
Also if you need a baby bag they have a few on sale for $139-$149. They are cute styles and perfect if you want something fun!

All righty, now that shopping is out of the way I saw this on Facebook and had to share. It is called "22 People who tried things on Pinterest and totally Nailed it" which was written by I have been there so many times over the past few years. So remember not to get frustrated if something doesn't come out exactly like the Pinterest picture. Most of the time this is done by professionals, you have to learn from your mistakes and try again!

Haha! I love the cookie fails! This past Super Bowl I attempted to make football themed cookies and they ended up exactly like the snowman. And then I bought the colored frosting at Michael's and everything just poured all over the cookies. It looked like a 2 year old decorated these blobs. Don't worry although they weren't pretty they were still tasty!!

Would love to hear about your Pinterest fails! Send me your stories and pictures and I will share on the blog!

Happy Pinning!

Free Printables
So I recently stumbled upon a site via Pinterest that allows you to print free monograms! I am slightly obsessed and keep printing out all the free printables (printable I don't know what I am going to do with everything, but I guess that is for another blog post to figure out!! Make sure to also follow Jenny Bevlin on Pinterest. She has some great ideas on how to use the free printables and love all of her pins.

Basically Jenny has 3-4 sites that offer different types of free printables. Everything from parties, to weddings, and stationary. WARNING it is slightly addicting and I now have to order new cartridges for my printer. If you want to save on the cartridge ink you can always buy Jenny's products on her website.

Below are some ideas of what I am going to do.

Make monogram bows for gifts...
I printed this out this monogram for my office, and am going to use an Ikea Ribba frame.
Love the calling cards/luggage tags! I just need to head to Staples and get some business cards to print on.
I can't wait to have a party to use the mason jar decorations!!
Okay, enough of me thinking about what I am going to do and time for me to start doing! Off to Michael's and Staples to pick up more paper and ink cartridges!

Happy Pinning!!
Summer Flowers
So my planters are finally finished! And really the credit goes to my in-laws who finished everything while we were away on vacation. How awesome are they?

A few weeks ago you might remember I posted some ideas on what I wanted to do! I still haven't painted the mason jars but it is definitely on my to do list! But we did accomplish flowers in the wagon, repainting old planters and a herb garden.

In the herb garden we are growing basil, chives, tarragon, sage, mint, cilantro, rosemary, oregano, and I know it isn't a herb but a jalapeño too! Everything is doing well except my cilantro. Not sure why but it looks so limp!

It is awesome to walk outside to the patio and grab some mint for my Mocktails or some basil for my salad!

We were even able to recycle some wedding decorations! Here are some pictures from the wagon we used at my wedding. To see pictures of how we used the wagon on my wedding click here. I love how this looks at the front of the driveway. The neighbors have even complemented!

Here are some of the planters we painted for our back patio!

And last but not least I have to show a few of the planters that we have around the yard and patio! I will make sure to post more over the summer. I love looking out at the backyard and seeing everything in bloom!

Happy Pinning!
My Pinterest To Do List - June
Here are some of the projects that I am going to focus on for June! In addition, to finishing my planters!! I promise they are almost done!!

My in-laws just bought new furniture for their guest room which has a nautical theme. I thought this lamp from Target could be perfect in the room. Of course I will attempt to make this with stuff we have at home, however for $31.99 you can't go wrong!

DIY Catch All Bowls - Pinterest Fail!
Not everything we find on Pinterest is a win. One of my favorite blogs posted about making your own Catch-All Bowls. I was so icredibly excited to try this because I am always looking at these types of bowls at Anthropologie.

So off to Michael's I went. The Small Things blog where I was inspired used acrylic paint, while the source they used (The Lovely Drawer) had used opaque ceramic paint. At Michael's in the glass painting area I was drawn to the Martha Stewart paints. They seemed to be paints that you could use on wood, glass, etc. I thought these would be perfect since that is what was used by The Small Things Blog. I needed paintbrushes as well and just bought one of the combo sets that was $8. I found the dipping bowls at Target for $1.99 and they are made by Threshold. I can't seem to find the link online.

So according to the directions just paint away! I did two bowls and realized that simple lines and basic polka dot patterns are a lot harder then I thought. The good thing is that if the paint is still wet you can use a damp paper towel and start over. I am not really upset with how my design turned out since it was my first time. However, the paint application was not as smooth as I thought it would be.

When painting I used cheap brushes and the bristles would fall out onto the paint and glass. I was constantly picking out the strands and ruining the paint. Also I used painters tape on the 2-toned bowl and it left remnants of paint on the bowl. I almost need to sand the bowl to make it smooth. I was hoping when the paint dried it would smooth out, but you can still see all the brush strokes.

I let my bowl dry over night since I wanted to make sure that the paint was dry. In the morning I pre-heated my oven to 150 degrees and baked for 30 minutes. The results are below. You can't tell in the pictures but basically it just looks like I painted a bowl. In my head I thought it would have a more glossy finish and similar to the bowls I love at Anthropologie.

My advice for you is if you are looking for something with a glossy and smooth finish go to a paint your own pottery store and work with their products. Not to mention the kiln will bake the paint on and give your bowls that glossy Anthropologie finish!

On a related note, I used the same paint on some plastic frames I bought at Ikea, and the paint application was the same as the glass. It got cakey and you can see my brush strokes. I am going to try and spray paint for plastic items to try and save these frames! Worst case scenario I just head back to Ikea!

Happy Pinning!

Five Friday Deals - May 16th
So I don't know if it is the warm weather or what, but I decided I need a new wardrobe and have become shopping obsessed. Everything is so cute and of course it doesn't hurt when all the stores are having sales!

Tory Burch is having up to 40% off their sale items!! Flip Flops, espadrilles, and even my Quinn Ballet Flats. May have to get the Tory Burch Patent Thora Sandals in orange for $87.50.

And of course we need some jewels too! JCrew Factory is having 40% off until May 18th. I love this Factory Stone Semicircle Necklace of $39.50.
I also love this dress on sale from Vineyard Vines. The Catch of the Day dress is perfect for those weekend errands. It's $135 which is slightly pricey but it looks SOOOOO comfy!
I love love love this clutch on sale at Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Large Bella Pouch on sale for $74. I think it may be the Tiffany Blue color. But  it would look so cute with a white or hot pink dress.
Last but not least, how cute are these embroidered whale shorts from Banana Republic?
Okay, enough shopping for today! I need to go pack. We are going to Atlanta and then to the beach for a few days!

Happy Pinning!

Today Only - 15% off Anthropologie - May 10th
I know I should start work on my gardening project, but it looks like it is going to rain today. I might as well make the most of the time and online shop right? Anthropologie is having a 15% off sale today only. Just enter code KISSKISS at checkout!
Here are a few things I am thinking about...

I thought these could be cute for a nursery to hold cotton balls, Q-tips, etc...

Wytham Canisters

Not to mention these stuffed animals as well! Who don't love kittens? 
Handknit Kitten Rattles

Handknit Doll
And last but not least this Eiffel Tower ring holder. I have a bad habit of leaving my wedding rings on a dish towel when I am cooking. This would be a great way to make sure they are kept safe!

Landmark Ring Dish

Happy Shopping!! I mean Pinning!!

Planter Ideas and Recycling Wedding Decorations
Since I have lived in downtown Boston for the past 15 years, I haven't been able to do all the gardening that I love to do. I had a few herb gardens in planters but nothing that was fun. Not to mention I also have outdoor space to actually do my arts and crafts. 

Over the past couple of weeks we have been stocking up on flowers for our planters and garden. Super duper secret but if you head to the back of the garden department at Lowe's they have a small clearance section. AND IT IS AMAZING! Flowers are marked down 50-75%!! You have to definitely look at the plants closely, but overall great quality. It has become quite the obsession to stop by Lowes and see what they have on sale!!

However, at this point we have quite the stash of flowers that need to get planted. I started today with existing planters, but we still have a ton of flowers leftover. So I have been looking all over Pinterest for ideas on how to make some smaller planters for our side tables and patio. 

I love the idea of painted mason jars. We can also get creative with patterns. Thinking I might attempt this with navy blue and gold chevron patterns. Not to mention it is a great way to use my leftover mason jars from my wedding! 
Painted Mason Jars

I love the idea of painted mason jars. We can also get creative with patterns. Thinking I might attempt this with navy blue and gold chevron patterns. Not to mention it is a great way to use my leftover mason jars from my wedding! 

I also saw an idea for gold leafing the mason jars but not sure how it would hold up outside!
At our wedding we had a great wagon we found at Hobby Lobby and filled with mums and lanterns. 
Right now the wagon is sitting by our front door, however it is just asking to be filled with bright and cheerful flowers. 
Wagon Planter

I also love this idea of using a old chair as a planter. I am going to have to see if their are any tag sales in the area so I can attempt this! I am thinking if I get sweet potato vine it will spill all over the sides and cover the pot. 
 Chair Planter

So enough of me searching Pinterest and time for me to start having fun with spray paint! 

What are you doing this spring/summer for flowers?

Happy Pinning!
Tory Burch Facebook Fan Sale (May 9th ONLY) - Thea Continental Zip Wallet

Make sure to follow and like Tory Burch on Facebook! Today since they reached one MILLION fans they are offering the Thea Continental Zip Wallet for $125 for Facebook fans only. That is $100 less than what they are selling on the site.

The wallet comes in 4 colors: Royal Tan, Dark Cheer, Porcelain Pink and Black. Personally I am a huge fan of the Royal Tan wallet (hint hint HUSBAND!!)
Here are the details! 
*Sale ends 5.9.14 at 11:59PM PT. Only while supplies last. Valid on the Thea Zip Continental Wallet only. Must be purchased through the Tory Burch Facebook Shop. Maximum of 5 items per order. No price adjustments. Cannot be combined with other promotions. All sales are final.

What color are you going to get? 

Old Navy 30% Off Sale Today (5/6)! And some of my favorite spring styles from Old Navy!
Have you been to Old Navy lately? I went into the store the other day to browse and couldn't believe all the cute and adorable clothes they had. My husband was with me so I didn't get to do that much damage. However, I was on the Old Navy site today and they have 30% off your purchase!! What a great excuse to shop!!

Make sure to use the code SAVE at checkout!

Check out my Pinterest Board on my other favorite Spring/Summer clothes!

Here are a few of my favorite items I am thinking about getting!! I also have a cart full of basic t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops, etc!

Love these strapless dresses! They remind me of something JCrew had back in 2008. I love the Electric Youth color (below) as well as Goodnight Nora (navy blue). And for $26.94 (before 30% discount) I think I may have to get both!
Women's Strapless Jersey Dresses
Love these Women's Fit & Flare Ponte-Tank Dresses as well! They would like great with some fun bib necklaces! Love pink and navy colors. BTW those are also my favorite colors!
Women's Fit & Flare Ponte-Tank Dresses
And look at these shoes too! Since I am starting to get older I just can't wear the high heels as much or as long as I used to. I am obsessed with these sandals. I have seen similar shoes this season from Nine West.
Women's Sueded Demi-Wedge Sandals
And last but not least I love the Embroidered Sleeveless Gauze Dress as a beach coverup!
Women's Embroidered Sleeveless Gauze Dresses

Happy Pinning!

The Small Things Blog - Target $100 Giftcard Sweepstakes

One of my favorite blogs is having a sweepstakes with Sonia Kashuk Target brand to giveaway a $100 gift card to Target! Think about all the products you can buy. If you are not familiar with definitely check it out. Kate does an amazing job at reviewing products, hair tips and tricks, and even her adventures with motherhood.

What I love about Sonia Kashuk products is the quality, while at the same time they don't break the budget. In the past I have spent tons of dollars on brushes while buying makeup at department stores, only to not use them after one month. I have bought a few Sonia Kashuk brushes and keep building my collection from Target. I started buying Sonia Kashuk products after reading!!

Definitely going to head to Target tomorrow to buy the Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer duo in Glimmer and obviously I also need the Sonia Kashuk Tools Dense Blush/Powder Brush No. 24 (shhh don't tell my husband!!).

And to sweeten the deal Target also has $5 off if you spend $20 on select haircare, skincare, and makeup. Enter promotion code Beauty5 at checkout to receive discount.

Please note: I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post. 

Chic Luminosity Blush/Bronzer duo

Sonia Kashuk Tools Dense Blush/Powder Brush No. 24 

Kentucky Derby - What to Wear

I don't know why but I love the Kentucky Derby! I guess any excuse to wear lots of Lilly Pulitzer, where big hats and drink during the afternoon is right up my alley!! I am not having a Kentucky Derby Party this year but wanted to share a few of my favorite pins in case you are going to a party, or having a party and need some inspiration on what to wear!!

Check out my Pinterest Board for more Kentucky Derby ideas if you are hosting a party, or are going to a party and need to bring treats!

First Item: HATS!!

I love the Marley Lilly monogrammed hats! I bought the hat with the pink brim and can't wait to wear it to the beach and on the boat this summer.

Marley Lilly Floppy Hat
Marley Lilly Patriotic Hat!

Second Item: We need a dress!! 

Remember go big or go home! So you need to make sure that your dress is loud, colorful and fun!! Don't forget the pearls!! You can't go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines. Personally, I believe the Vineyard Vines Churchill Downs Scene Dress will win you best in show!! Vineyard Vines has a ton of Kentucky Derby items, and even more options for guys!

Vineyard Vines Churchill Downs Scene Dress
Lilly Pulitzer York Fit and Flare Dress

Third Item: A Cocktail for your hand!! 

This is one of my favorite mint julep recipes! If you are having a party make sure to stock up on lots of mint and ice!

To view this picture bigger check out my Pinterest Pin

Fourth Item: A Winning Ticket!!

I always pick by my favorite horses name!! This year I am going with WICKED STRONG! How could I not choose that horse after living in Boston for 15 years!! Check out the Kentucky Derby website to learn more.

Happy Pinning!
Macy's Friends and Family Sale - Ends May 5, 2014

It is one of my favorite times of the year!! Macy's Friends and Family Sale with 25% of your entire purchase. Sale ends May 5th. Make sure to use the code FRIEND at checkout.

This is PERFECT if you are looking to buy any shower or wedding registry gifts. Also, Mother's Day is right around the corner so why don't you buy your Mom that Michael Kor's purse she has been eyeing!!

You can use the discount on brands that normal coupons aren't applied too!

Check out to see what is available! I feel that online has WAY more selection of brands and product then in the stores.

Here are a few items that I am thinking about getting for Mother's day presents and maybe 1 or 2 things for myself!!

Kate Spade New York Darling Point Mr & Mrs Collection is perfect for engagement, shower and wedding presents. For my wedding I received the champagne glasses, cake knife and server and am also eyeing some of the picture frames for wedding photos. I have also given the picture frames as engagement presents.
kate spade new york Darling Point Mr & Mrs Gifts Collection

Kate Spade China is also buy 3 get 1 free! So if any of your brides are registered for these place settings it could be a great gift for the bridal party to give the bride!
BRIDES... How cute are these gold bracelets? They would make great bridesmaid presents!! And you can write in the card "thank you for helping me tie the knot"!! They also have rings, earrings, etc that would be perfect bridesmaid jewelry or gifts for your friends.

kate spade new york Bracelet, 12k Gold-Plated Sailor's Knot Hinge Bangle Bracelet

kate spade new york Bracelet, 12k Gold-Plated Skinny Mini Bow Bangle Bracelet
AND BRIDES... Don't forget about yourself as well! I bought this necklace last year to wear at my reception!! They also have tons of other cute jewelry that you can switch into for your reception or better yet wear on your honeymoon!
kate spade new york Necklace, 12k Gold-Plated Say Yes Mrs. Pendant Necklace

Okay, enough with the bridal and lets get on to Mom's and gifts for us!! Here are a few things that are on my list to buy!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Studded Straw Shopper

I could go on for hours putting together my list! Hopefully this will give you some ideas!

Happy Pinning!
Southern Nest Monogram Signs

As you can tell, I love anything with a monogram. I was on Pinterest and kept seeing these adorable monograms from Southern Nest. I of course wanted one right away and decided that my wedding would be a perfect debut for my Southern Nest monogram. Not to mention they are made in North Carolina just a short ride from my house!

We used our monogram on the front door of Boone Hall Plantation for our ceremony, and then moved the monogram indoors for the back wall at our reception.

I can't wait to use our monogram for future holidays and to decorate our home like these people did on Pinterest!
And of course when the time comes for a nursery, I will also have to get a custom monogram for the nursery.
Southern Nest also has tons of different options for monograms! They have lobster background (great for a beach house), silhouette backgrounds, etc!

Happy Pinning!

Tory Burch Friends and Fans Event

In case you love Tory Burch as much as me, check out the Tory Burch Friends & Fans Event! 25% off your purchase with the code Friendly.  Make sure to hurry the sale ends on April 28th.
Shop Now:
These are a few things I am thinking about getting...

Miller Metallic Sandal - Totally classic and since I bought 3 pairs of Jack Rogers at the Neiman Marcus Last Call sale earlier this week I thought I would switch it up this year and go with the gold Tory Burch sandals.

Caroline Ballet Flat - I have these in black and have worn the soles off! These are my favorite style of ballet flats and super comfortable. Thinking of the light pink for spring/summer.

Printed Cosmetic Case - Since we moved to NC all of my cosmetic bags are in storage somewhere. Right now all of my makeup is in my purse and I can never find the lip gloss I am looking for!