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First Easter Basket Ideas
So I finally discovered Polyvore and I am still learning how to put together collages so be patient with me. I just wanted to share some of the items I purchased for my daughter's Easter basket. It is her first Easter basket so I wanted to get her some keepsake items as well as fun items. Not to mention the Grandma's were very generous and purchased some of the items below as well.

One toy that I couldn't find a link to is Banner Toys! We purchased a great monogram bunny teether that was engraved with A's name on it! We are teething right now so we are very excited for a new toy!

Zebu's Pink Harriet Bunny: If you haven't heard of Zubel's check them out. They make a great and cheaper alternative to Bla Bla dolls. All of the dolls are organic and knit. I am a huge fan. You can purchase on their website or via Amazon.

Bath Toys: We are finally getting to the age where A loves her bath time. We have a few toys but always looking for more. Not to mention I feel the need to clean the bath toys every day so the more the less I have to wash.

Peter Rabbit: This was something Daddy saw at a toy store and decided that A must have it. He also purchased all of the books below there as well. You can find them at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. But Daddy had way too much fun picking out items for A's basket.

Beaufort Bonnets: These are the most adorable bonnets and clothes I have ever seen. I am slightly obsessed and can't wait for lil A to wear this outfit and sunhat. She is going to look so incredibly cute. The bucket hat has great sun coverage so perfect for our daily walks on the beach.

Hohner Musical Toys: Around Christmas I found a mariachi that Hohner made at Buy Buy Baby as I was checking out. I thought it was cute and put it in her stocking. Well let me tell you I think I could throw out all of A's other toys and she wouldn't miss them because she loves that mariachi. She loves to shake it in her stroller and carseat. My favorite is when she falls asleep with it in her hands, and then moves and it wakes her up. So anyway, long story short I found the rest of the musical instruments that I am hoping she loves.

Other items I included were a Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll Bonnet from Seaside Stitchery which is so cute! Bubbles and Sunglasses from the Target dollar aisle, and some puffs in her easter eggs!
1st Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Here are a few pictures of her almost finished Easter basket. I have a feeling I might be shopping this week and find a few last minute items.

Below please find some links to the products that I mentioned above! In addition I have a bunch of ideas on my Easter Basket Pinterest Page!

Would love to hear what you put in your children's Easter baskets as well!
I just learned about the coolest website from my friend Lori at Everyday Loveliness blog. Schoola is a website that sells new and used clothes for kids. The best part is that 40% of the proceeds goes to fund a school in your area.

So this is the REALLY exciting part!!!

Right now they are offering a $15 credit if you signup via my link below...

and then if you purchase today they are offering an additional $5 if you use code 2015 at checkout.

That is $20 for you to spend on clothes for your child!!

And they have FREE SHIPPING for the next 2 days!!

So go and sign up RIGHT now and happy shopping!!!

Favorite Baby Apps
It is funny, I hear all the time from my parents and in-laws about how they raised us. We gave you food when you were a month old, you slept on your stomach, etc! And yes we all survived. However, after showing our parents our iPhone apps they are amazed on how much it calms the baby and the information that I tell them on why she is acting the way she is.  From music, reading or tracking development it is probably one of the most important pieces of baby gear. Here are 5 of my favorite baby apps that I swear by!

Definitely if you are looking for a creative baby gift for a shower I would buy the new Mom a iTunes gift card with some of these recommendations below!

1. White Noise App - this is a must have. I have mentioned the book "Happiest Baby On The Block" before and this is where I learned about how babies become over stimulated and white noise along with a pacifier and swaddling helps. I swear by this method and the white noise app. It instantly calms down my baby. Not to mention we have all started using this in our house to help us go to sleep!
White Noise Lite: Relax. Sleep. Better. 

2. The Wonder Years - this app talks about your babies mental leaps. Personally for me I have found this app great for understanding why my baby is acting fussy or needy. Not to mention what new skills they should be developing. They also have a book which I am interested in but haven't purchased.
The Wonder Weeks App
3. Mom's On Call - this method helps put your baby on a schedule. I find it extremely helpful and follow the schedule closely. I have had a baby that sleeps through the night since 3 weeks. Not to mention it sends you reminders for feeding and napping. This app was extremely helpful the first 3 months and continues to be helpful as my child grows.
Moms on Call
4. Pandora - we have Pandora on all day long. I created a few different stations as well as listen to some of their channels which include "toddler radio" and the "Disney Channel". One of the stations I created has Rock-a-Bye Baby, Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell, And Baby Einstein perfect background music that is relaxing.
5. Baby Log - Activities, Growths and milestones. I used this app the day after A was born. I documented all the times I nursed, how much she ate, when I changed her diaper, what was in her diaper, baths, etc. This app really helped me stay organized and peace of mind if I had any questions or if the dr or lactation consultant had any questions. I only used this app for the first month but it was a lifesaver.
Baby Log - Activities, Growth, and Milestones
Now if only paid me for promoting these Apps! I can't tell you how much I talk about them.  Hope you have a great weekend! Next week we are going to continue the Baby a registry guide! 
In the meantime I will be on Ointerest coming up with ideas for my new home!!


Registering for Baby - Car Seat and Stroller
This is part 2 in my series for registering for baby (last week's post can be found here).  Now the Baby Gear is where you are going to spend the most money, and is probably the most important as well. You really need to do your research and figure out which products work for you. When looking at car seats it is important to obviously look at safety, but also how heavy is the carseat. Or for the stroller how easy does it move, where are you going to use the stroller, etc. Here are some of the things I registered for or things I learned along the way.
  • Infant Car Seat Uppa Baby Mesa is what we have. Great and snaps into the base easily. Also goes great with the stroller. Has feature to use with a seat belt for cab rides as well. We didn't order an extra car seat base because we always just take my car. With the latch system it is easy to transfer from car to car if we need to. 
  • Car Seat Head and Body Support - These are illegal in some states. Plus with the new carseats you don't need them and they don't fit. However, we used ours in the Mamaroo spring for the first 6 weeks since we didn't register for the infant insert. At the end of the day I probably wouldn't register for one. 
  • Seat Protector Mat - We bought the summer infant one off of Amazon and I highly recommend if you have leather seats. I also registered for the Summer Infant piddle pad but need to buy it. It will be good for the big kid car seat. 
  • Car Mirror - Britax car mirror. I also bought the Brica car mirror that had lights and music but returned it because I really didn't need it and it didn't work right. However I can't tell you how many times I glance into my rearview mirror and check on the baby. 
  • Car Window Shade - We bought the Uppa Baby and it works great. Reviews weren't great but we haven't had one problem. 
  • Car Seat Bunting and Cover - We love our JJ Cole Bunting for visiting NYC and the mountains. I also use it in my Bob stroller when we are walking around the neighborhood. HOWEVER I recently discovered 7AM buntings and if you live in an area where it is cold I would get this in a heartbeat. 
  • Stroller Mittens - 7AM also have great mittens that attach to your stroller so you won't lose them. Very important since you are always taking them off to fuss with the bambino. 
  • Carseat Canopy - Never used the carseat cover. I just used one of my Aden + Anais swaddles if I had to cover the car seat in public. But it was also summer. I would definitely suggest a carseat cover if your baby is born during cold & flu season. I also bought a arm cushion for the carseat that I opened and never used once. 
  • Stroller - Uppa Baby Vista. Love the bassinet feature, fits perfect with the carseat, comes with a rain cover and then also has the big kid seat. Very easy to maneuver and breakdown. Great for the city and narrow aisles. Not to mention when you buy the Uppa Baby travel bag the stroller is under warranty for 2 years if it gets damaged by the airline. Make sure to register both the stroller and travel bag with Uppa Baby before you travel. My lock broke off on our flight home from NYC and since I had the travel bag it was replaced. I sent pictures and they sent me a whole new frame. We also have the parent organizer for the stroller as well. I bought the cup holder but knocked it off twice in Target so now I only use it if Paul and I are traveling together. Also has great storage under the seat. And if you have a 2nd you can make it a double stroller by purchasing the rumble seat. I believe the newest stroller can also support two infant seats! 
  • Umbrella Stroller - Uppa Baby G-Lite and travel bag I just purchased last week. We will use this for travel and to have a 2nd stroller. What is great about this stroller is that it is smaller and more manageable for airports. Not to mention it is a great second stroller for Dad's car too!
  • Jogging Stroller BOB which I plan to use for Stroller Strides (my Mom & Baby exercise class) and everyone swears by it for the beach too.  But the good thing is that you can be a little rougher with it and go off terraining with it. I find it really large so I only plan on using it for exercise and not taking it into stores. Not to mention doesn't have much storage. This is definitely a nice to have. My recommendation is to buy one on Craigs List used! 
  • Travel Bags for Stroller - If you get an Uppa Baby make sure to get the bags and make sure to register them. If the airline breaks your stroller while in the bag, Uppa Baby will replace as long as your stroller is still under warranty. 
  • Cup and Snack Holder - Depends on your stroller and I need to order the Bob and Uppa Baby one. They are still on my registry. 
  • Storage Console for Stroller - We have the Uppa baby Parent Orgainizer and love it. I recently purchased the console for my Bob as well but have yet to use it. I also hear good things about the Skip Hop too. 
  • Stroller Hooks - I have the Mommy Hook and used it around Christmas when I had a ton of bags. Normally I just store everything under the stroller. 
So far I have been so happy with my stroller and carseat. I can't say enough good things about Uppa Baby and their products. Would love to hear what car seat and strollers you love! Let me know!

Happy Pinning!

Babymoon Essentials
Well essentials is a little dramatic but maybe highly recommended!!! I think it is the cold weather but I was going through my list of blog posts that I didn't finish and this one seemed appropriate for today.

The key to maternity clothes is buy a few essential pieces and accessorize.  In the past I would pack a new dress, bathing suit, and cover-up for each day. Sometimes I would bring multiple outfits for each day. However, my maternity clothes budget didn't let me do that. So I had to make the most out of my baby moon wardrobe.

I bought 3 tankinis from Target that I LOVED for our baby moon during my second trimester!! They fit perfect and my friend also bought her swimsuits from Target when she was 8 months pregnant and they fit perfect. The Cinched Halter Tankini was our favorite. We both bought it in multiple colors. I also ordered swimsuits from Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity and Asos that didn't support or fit me so I ended up returning them.

By the time June came and I was 8 months pregnant I decided that I wanted to add another swimsuit to my rotation. We live on the lake and I was planning on being in the water a lot. For this swimsuit since I was VERY LARGE  I splurged on a Pea in the Pod swimsuit. I can't tell you how much I loved this suit. And you are in luck the swimsuit is currently half price right now, but they only have it in large. Which is the size I wore during my pregnancy! If you are going to splurge I definitely recommend the Pea in the Pod Maternity swimwear.
Well not going to lie I wore the same one all the time! Or I wore a sundress over my bathing suit. This was one item that I didn't go nuts with. I loved the coverup I got from Motherhood Maternity. I might actually still wear it since it was so soft and comfortable. For $25 I definitely got my use out of it.
Now let's talk sunscreen! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Beautycounter! I have spoken about them a few times on my blog. When I was pregnant and still I started to read all the ingredients in my beauty products and become very picky about the products I use. Check out the EWG Skin Deep website for more information about sunscreen. 

Beautycounter Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Sunscreen

And we can't forget that pretty face. If you remember from my Kentucky Derby post I am obsessed with the Marley Lilly Monogramed hat. Not to mention it is SO reasonable. I used this hat on all my vacation and all summer long.

Marley Lilly Floppy Hat

For the shades I go with the classic Ray-Bans if I want to look trendy, however if I want to actually see I am stuck with my Kate Spade prescription sunglasses which I have had for 4 years now. I also wore my Tory Burch sunglasses for the Baby moon but then scratched the lens so they had to be retired. 
For reading since this is a baby moon we need to bring on the baby books to read between old issues of US Magazine and Vanity Fair! This is vacation after all so I only brought 1 book which I loved. The Happiest Baby on The Block by Harvey Karp was the BEST baby book I read. I buy it for all my pregnant friends. All of my tricks to get A to sleep came from this book. Not only does it give you the tricks but tells you signs on when they are getting overstimulated. And most importantly I learned about the white noise app (future blog post!!). I highly highly highly recommend this book. Also, I felt like most pregnancy books were extremely negative about pregnancy and basically scared me. This book is strictly about tips and tricks on understanding your child. GREAT vacation read and helped me feel more confident about getting my baby to sleep at night!! 
Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy some fun drinks in the sun. I was getting really creative during my pregnancy. If you need some ideas on Mocktails check out some of my old blog posts (Strawberry Mint SmashJalapeƱo Moscow MuleCoconut Lime Cilantro CoolerRaspberry Lime Rickeys and more!. Most bartenders will even help suggest some Mocktails if you tell them that you are pregnant and looking for something fun. 

I know I didn't mention sundresses, beach bags, etc but this is 5 on Friday!! I will say for sundresses I loved Seraphine for my nicer cotton dresses, and then for cheaper sundresses I had great luck with Target and Old Navy. Beach bags I alternate with my "vintage" straw J Crew bags from 10 years ago. How those bags haven't unraveled yet I haven't a clue! 
Registering for Baby - Nursery & Decor
We are having a baby boom with my friends!! Since having my baby in August I know I have been slacking on my posts. However, in 2015 I am going to start working on posting more. Not to mention I need to stop buying clothes for the bambino!! My friends have asked advice on what to register for and that got me thinking of doing a few blog posts on what I registered/use on a daily basis. I am going to break it up by section just so that it isn't too overwhelming.

Check out my pictures of my nursery for more details regarding what to register for!

Here are some of my recommendations based on the nursery, and remember these are my opinions! 

Nursery & Decor Registry Ideas
  • Bassinet - We borrowed a Safety First bassinet from a friend. We loved the light and vibrating feature of the bassinet. I can't seem to find the exact model we used however Target has a Simmons bassinet that we considered as well. We had heard good things about the Serena and Lilly Moses basket as well but with the cat decided not. We used the bassinet for the first 3 months. 
  • Crib - Pottery Barn Kendall Crib and order online. We had a lot of issues with the Charlotte store, however after e-mailing Pottery Barn about my issues the General Manager reached out. We felt that this was extremely well priced and then when our daughter gets bigger we will get her a big kid bed, and possibly pass the crib on to bambino #2!!

  • Crib Mattress - To keep it simple and since we were purchasing a few things at the same time we also got out mattress at Pottery Barn. According to the store manager their isn't a difference so we went with the cheaper Lullaby mattress. You can use it for the baby, and then flip it for the toddler bed. 
  • Waterproof Mattress Pads - You will definitely need these for the night time accidents. We ordered 2 on Amazon so we would be able to put fresh sheets on the bed, and not have to worry about the dirty ones until the morning.  Carter's Keep Me Dry Waterproof
  • Fitted Crib Sheets - Order at least 3 that way you have extras in case of late night emergencies!
  • Changing Table/Dresser - We ordered the Larkin from Pottery Barn Kids. The changing table and top drawer can be removed when we don't need it anymore. I hated to spend money on just a changing table. I love how this one converts!

  • Changing Pad - They have a large range of changing pads, however we just went with the cheapest which happened to be the Summer Infant and came with a strap to secure them. We have been extremely happy with ours and not sure why they range from $20-$50.  
  • Changing Pad Covers - Order 2 which makes it easier to swap in case of accidents (do you see the theme?). We have the Carters Changing Pad Cover which I love because they are so soft and for us the perfect shade of pink.  I also like the aden + anais changing pad covers but they didn't match my room!

  • Changing Pad Liners - SO important and get 2 packs (6 total). Have these down on all your changing pad areas and then if they get dirty you toss in the wash rather then changing the pad cover. We have the Boppy Changing Pad liners. I stashed these everywhere and one of my favorite finds. 

  • Glider - I was convinced we would never use the chair and didn't want to invest. So we got the Eddie Bauer Glider from Target. It is white with great cushioning and we LOVE it. I use it every morning and most nights feeding the baby.

  • Sound/White Noise Machine - We have a sleep sheep and not sure how useful it is. I find the free white noise app in the Apple Store which was so much more useful. Anytime the baby got overwhelmed or over stimulated we would play it and she instantly quieted down. We used to joke that it was our magic machine because of how well it worked. Also, make sure to find an old iPod and save it for the baby. You can run pandora and the white noise app on it. 

  • Hamper - Due to how often you do laundry with a newborn I highly recommend getting a tote bag. That way you can take it with you every morning. I used to fill mine up with dirty laundry, bottles, etc that we accumulated during the night. And then as we went to bed I would bring it upstairs with all the times we would need that night. 

  • Crib Skirt and Curtains - I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids. I went with a neutral crib skirt so I could switch out different sheets. I didn't order a bumper or quilts. I got a few really nice blankets that I had hanging on the side of the crib before the baby was born. However now that the bambino is here we don't keep anything in the crib. 
  • Mobile - The one we bought came with a holder! If you are going to order a mobile make sure it either comes with the hanger or you register for the hanger too!  I do like the Manhattan Toy Company mobile. She has the travel mobile that we are obsessed with. The travel mobile clips on the stroller and carseat.

  • Diaper Organizer - Bought one and use it to hold burp clothes and bibs in Baby's A's rom. 
  • Wall Hangings/Decals - Etsy has great decals that can be personalized. The one we purchased was super easy to put up and shipped quickly. Check out Etsy, Minted for other cute ideas. Ikea is always good for frames as well. 
  • Storage Baskets and Bins - I love the Serena and Lilly baskets. Super cute and they are always having sales. Pottery Barn, Home Goods, TJ Maxx etc also have great storage ideas as well. Not to mention Ikea storage solutions. I also purchased the OXO drawer dividers to help keep the dresser organized. 

  • Lamp - We got one at Pottery Barn Kids and the other at Home Goods. And I like the Home Goods lamp better :). 
  • Bookcase - Pottery Barn Kids has a great selection, also love IKEA. I have seen really cool ideas on Pinterest about using kitchen shelving for bookcases in the babies room. 
  • Rugs - Can be from anywhere. We knew we wanted something soft and the rug at Pottery Barn Kids was the exact colors we wanted.  
  • Bassinet Sheets - I just got pink ones from Babies R Us, I think we had 3-4 sets of bassinet sheets. Our baby spit up during the night so I changed the bassinet sheets every night. 
  • Baby Sized Hangers - I ordered from Amazon (3 sets) and then got the OXO hanger clips to keep clothes together (hats, matching bibs, etc). 
  • Closet Dividers - Ordered on Amazon. Good for organizing clothes before the baby is born. Now I feel like it is a free for all since she wears 3-6 months shirts, 6-9 month onesies, etc! 
Phew did I totally overwhelm you? Well although this looks like a lot of stuff you won't believe how much you will use!

Next week I will focus on Baby Gear and Travel!!

Happy Pinning! 

Lil A's Nursery
So my goal for 2015 is to be a better mommy blogger. Since I have had lil A I have started multiple postings but have yet to actually post any of them. So if you see a gazillion posts about baby it is because I am just finishing all those posts.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I planned 2 nurseries, one for a boy and one for a girl. I knew I wanted a little girl's room that was soft, cozy and most of all totally girly! The day we found out we were having a girl we ordered all the furniture, lamps, curtains, rugs, etc! I was that prepared to pull the trigger. This is a picture of my Pinterest inspiration for A's room.
Project Nursery
If you are looking for nursery ideas definitely check out Project Nursery. I pinned so many ideas from this website.

Check out all of my Nursery Pinterest ideas and inspiration here.

and here is the final product... well final before the bambino arrived! Since Christmas we received so many new toys, books, dolls, etc it looks like an entirely different room.

The Kendall Pottery Barn crib (on sale now) has been a great find. However this is our second one since the first one was damaged. In the crib we have a Serena & Lily Letter Pillow (on sale now), a Bunny from Pottery BarnJellycat Ballerina Bunny, Sleep Sheep and a kitten we bought the day A was born in the hospital gift shop. Bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and went with the Claire bedding and for extra sheets purchase the Elyse. Once we move into our new home I am going to purchase Serena & Lily sheets as well. The Wall decal and heart bunting are both from Easy. While the mobile is from Buy Buy Baby (can't find the link). 
Make Way For Ducklings was used as a guest book at my Boston shower, the elephant piggy bank is a gift who visited  Thailand, and the duck is from Ikea. I couldn't resist buying it! 
The Pottery Barn Cameron bookcase holds a lot of fun gifts. The jewelry box was mine as a little child, the kangaroo I bought when I studies abroad in Australia, the fish toys A's Dad bought her when we found out we were pregnant. The lamp on the bookcase and most of the pictures frames I found at Homegoods or TJ Maxx. And currently all of the pictures hold our wedding/engagement photos but it is my goal to switch them out once A has more photoshoots! Have to brag about the Hot pink Jonathan Adler frame that I bought for $14 at the Off Saks outlet. We also received a beautiful silver cat piggy bank, and a Pottery Barn bunny bank that was personalized. I also couldn't resist the Eiffel Tower piggy bank from Pier1. Some of the books were mine from my childhood as well as my grandparents! 
The rocking horse we found at a tag sale, the doll on the rocking chair was mine as a child. The Eddie Bauer rocking chair was bought at Target and I can't say enough about this chair. I didn't want to put a lot of money into a rocking chair, however this is the most comfortable chair and I use it daily. Not to mention it was the exact color I wanted. 
Aden +Anais Swaddles and Pottery Barn Blankets in Serena & Lily Basket which I love! The basket was part of a gift and I can't wait for them to go on sale so I can order more!
The Larkin Hi-Lo dresser/changing table is from Pottery Barn Kids. We can remove the top pieces once A gets bigger and we won't need them anymore. I got the changing pad cover at Babie's R Us and is made by Carters. If you are pregnant and registering for presents make sure to also register for the waterproof changing pads. I put them on top of the changing pad cover and if they get dirty I just toss in the laundry. The canisters on the dresser are from AnthropologieYou Are My Happy artwork and Addison Curtains are from Pottery Barn Kids. The other artwork is from Minted and Etsy which I framed in Ikea frames. 

LampLamp Shade and Diaper Caddy (similar can be found here) are all from Pottery Barn Kids. The  Kate Spade notebook on the Ikea Hemnes night stand sits along with picture frames and a coaster (obviously). In my head when I was planning the nursery I envisioned myself sipping tea, rocking the baby, and also journaling her new developments. To this day (5 months later) I have only accomplished rocking the baby! Maybe one day! 

I just loved how everything came together. It was exactly what I was envisioning and loved all the little touches we were able to incorporate. We can't wait to fill those bookcases full of books to read, as well as dolls to play with! Next up is working on a playroom for our new home. Check out my Playroom Pinterest board to see my inspirations.

Happy Pinning!

The Honest Company
So I finally broke down and signed up for the Honest Company. I can't tell you how many times I started a bundle and never actually made the purchase. I received my first Essentials bundle last week and am in LOVE. As a new Mom I can't tell you how great it is to have everything delivered to your front door. I purchased laundry detergent, stain stick, hand soap, dish detergent, and the oxy clean pods. I also ordered an adorable pair of diapers so that I could get free shipping.

How it works is that you chose 5 products and then you can add additional products if you would like. Every month you can switch which 5 products you would like, and you are able to skip a month as well if you don't need any products.

I have friends that also use their diapers and wipes exclusively. I will start to look into that once I work through all the diapers I currently have!

If you are interested in joining use my link below to signup!

My Pinterest To Do List - June
I was reading Playgroundprepster.blogspot, and she had a great idea for her kids. Buy Oh The Places You Will Go book by Dr. Seuss and each year have your children's teachers sign the book. I absolutely love this idea. In addition, I think this could be a cute baby gift as well!
In addition, have you noticed how expensive baby headbands and hair bows are? I am going to attempt to make at least some headbands before mastering the boutique bows!
Yes, I know this is cheating by buying newborn headband kit on Etsy but figure in the long run it might be cheaper then trying to buy everything myself. Plus it will help me learn how to make them!

Zulily Baby Finds - May 12th
Just recently I joined Zulily and have yet to order anything, but today I managed to fill my cart with goodies for baby! From coming home outfits to travel gear.

Here are a few things I am thinking about getting!

Coming home from the hospital outfit! I just love the smocking on the dress, and most importantly it is PINK!! The receiving blanket is made out of pique cotton and looks so soft!
Hug Me First Pink Lorena Embroidered Gown - Infant 
Hug Me First Lorena Smocked Bonnet
Hug Me First Lorena Smocked Booties
Hug Me First Pink Smocked Receiving Blanket
And how GENIUS is this seat for traveling with a baby on a plane? Has anyone used this before? I am definitely intrigued.
FlyBaby Airplane Baby Seat
Last but not least love the Chateau Rose print for the infant carrier and also the highchair!
Smitten Baby Chateau Rose Arm Pad 
Smitten Baby Chateau Rose Restaurant High Chair and Swing Cover
So many decisions! I have to see what the hubby thinks is cute!! If you are not a member of Zulily feel free to use this link to sign up (

Happy Shopping!

Anthropologie 1 Day Sale (May 10th) - 15% off Purchase - Ideas for Nursery
I know I should start work on my gardening project, but it looks like it is going to rain today. I might as well make the most of the time and online shop right? Anthropologie is having a 15% off sale today only. Just enter code KISSKISS at checkout!
Here are a few things I am thinking about...

I thought these could be cute for a nursery to hold cotton balls, Q-tips, etc...

Wytham Canisters

Not to mention these stuffed animals as well! Who don't love kittens? 
Handknit Kitten Rattles

Handknit Doll
And last but not least this Eiffel Tower ring holder. I have a bad habit of leaving my wedding rings on a dish towel when I am cooking. This would be a great way to make sure they are kept safe!

Landmark Ring Dish

Happy Shopping!! I mean Pinning!!

Gift Ideas for Baby!

My best friend had the most precious baby girl on Monday, being her second child she also has lots of baby gear. I was trying to think of some cute and different ideas for gifts. Here are a few ideas that I found on Pinterest that I am currently obsessed with!

I discovered this company on Pinterest and am obsessed! I love the monogrammed bonnets for all seasons. Not to mention how cute would the bonnets look on a stand in a nursery?

Worth Avenue Beaufort Bonnet
Pink Gingham Beaufort Bonnet

Not only do they sell bonnets but they also have adorable swaddles and diaper covers too! I think the swaddles would be a cute shower present, and then the diaper covers would be so cute for newborn photos.

Beaufort Bonnets Diaper Cover

Beaufort Bonnet Swaddles

I know I know, what could a baby need at Tiffanys but I love the piggy bank. I think this is something that she will have forever. Not to mention one day she can save her pennies in her piggy bank for her first piece of Tiffany jewelry. 

Piggy Bank in Earthenware Pink
Has these adorable MJK Knit Personalized blankets. They look so warm and snuggly! I also love how they are monogrammed. MJK also makes adorable hats and sweaters I can get for birthdays, holidays, etc!

Last but not least, every baby girl needs some Lilly Pulitzer! I love the new spa blue lobstah roll print in the classic shift dress. 

The hard part is going to choose which to buy! I may have to buy one or two. Not to mention I have yet to visit Janie and Jack or Baby Gap for other little outfits!!

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Happy Pinning!!