Wednesday, December 2, 2015

EBates sign up today!!

So I can't stress enough that you HAVE to sign up for eBates today!! They have double cash back from the best stores!! 
Here is my link to signup!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap!

Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving and most importantly my bread Cornocopia! Which was a huge hit and more importantly a Pinterest win!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Friday Favorites - Goop Gift Guide

So I wrote this suppppper long post with all my favorites from the holiday list and then I went to grab the five on Friday logo and lost everything! Two hours of work down the drain! Dah!! So here is the second version where I left off a few things. 

BUT on to more important things. Kudos to Gwyneth for doing what Oprah failed to do! did an amazing job of ridiculousness and affordable. If you don't know is a blog that Gwyneth Paltrow owns. So Gwyneth from now on I will be anxiously waiting your gift guide instead of Oprah's! AWESOME job!! 

Without further adieu here we go.... 

For me!
My favorite perfume in candle form! Citron de vigne candle
Need about 10 of these for around my house! Preserved Myrtle Box
Obviously. CHANEL Flap Bag
About 1/4 the cost of the one I wanted from Anthropologie. Now I can afford the coordinating mittens! Zara PomPom Hat
Because I don't have enough kitchen gadgets right? But this reminds me of living in the North End of Boston and one of my favorite cafe (Cafe Victoria)! Venus Family Expresso Coffee Machine
Every dream kitchen picture I post on Pinterest has fresh peonies in it. Since I have my dream kitchen then I obviously need this. Flower Muse Peonies Every Month
I have wanted one of these for 15 years! One of these days! Mason Pearson Handy Brush
Totally jumping on the coloring bandwagon! Koh-I-Noor Tri Tone Colored Pencils
Love RMS and perfect stocking stuffer! RMS Beauty Lip Shine
For the hubby!
Because I have the maturity of an 8 year old boy. Post Poo Drops
Now this is something my husband would buy for me! Drives him nuts that I don't squeeze the toothpaste properly. Cedes Milano Toothpaste Squeezer
My husband is the ultimate napper. I could totally see him busting this out at a family function. Ostrich pillow Original
So he would love this! We have a salt water fish tank so this would be the next step. The Darwin Tank

And for naps I am pretty sure we would be fighting over this heated bench! Galanter & Jones Helios Heated Lounge
And of course we can't forget the babies!

Pretty sure this kitchen is nicer then ours (I kid I kid)!! Chelsea all-in-one kitchen
And for all the special ladies in my life!
Because if I can look like Gwyneth I will try anything. Devi Steamer Seat

I seriously have about 15-20 other things I loved but then I would basically be copying her entire list. Definitely check it out at

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas 2015 List - For Me!!

Since Oprah released her Christmas List last week I feel that I should also release mine. Since my Mom has asked me a gazillion times what I want. Although, after our past few shopping trips I may have already reached my max!

Anyway, can you believe Christmas is 7 weeks away? I feel like it is going to sneak up on us so fast and we have so much to do. Maybe it is the fact that Starbuck's is serving holiday drinks or Target has their Christmas decorations out but I can't wait for the holiday. Today I thought I would share some of the items on my Christmas List!

Also, if you haven't signed up for eBates yet NOW is the time! It is free to sign up and all you do is search for your store and then shop normally. They even have a tool that you can download so you don't have to go to the site. When you go to the site it will prompt to ask you if you want to save with eBates. To date I have received $121 back and I joined in February. Not bad? They also have a great referred program. If you refer 1 friend you get $5, 2 friends $45 and 3 friends $50 which equals $100 cash back. It is worth it just to get all your friends and family to sign up. Click here to a post that I did earlier this year with details about eBates.

Of course I should be responsible and ask for money for new furniture for our home but that isn't fun!

  • ·      Cat Domesticated Trinket Dish – For my daughter's bathroom. Maybe I should move that to her Christmas list!!
  • ·      Sidonie Pom Beanie - I love a good pom pom hat. And always have to get new ones each year because so does my kitty!
  • ·      Rosebud Layer Necklace I thought this was so pretty and something I could wear year round.                                                                                                
  • ·      Tie Neck Swing Blouse – Blue Size Medium Because I just love my blouse shirts. I feel dressed up even if I am just running to target!
  • Snow Dusting Throw - How soft and amazing does this look? I saw it in person and it is so soft. 
    I really really want to get this Marielle duvet and shams for our bedroom too! I keep waiting to the next sale to purchase!
Beautycounter - You can purchase BeautyCounter here. My friend Vironica is a rep and can answer any questions. She is awesome!! I have slowly been transitioning my products over. Definitely read my past post on why!
JCrew - 5% Cash back on eBates!
And don't forget about Gift Cards! 
  • Anthropolgie (because I couldn't ask for everything in the store for Christmas), Restoration Hardware (we really do need furniture), Nordstrom (obviously) and Homegoods (because I may go there 2-3x a week)!!
So yes Mom this is my final Christmas List! Have fun shopping!! What is everyone asking for?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday: Oprah's Favorite Things 2015

Favorite one. OPRAH's FAVORITE THINGS!!!

Am I the only person that LOVE's Oprah's favorite things list? I love looking for new products not to mention some of the ridiculous products (last years post). Here are some of my favorites! You can purchase all of them on too! Which to me makes life so much easier since I order EVERYTHING on Amazon. I will say I am slightly disappointed in this list. I didn't feel it had as much crazy ridiculous stuff (minus the dog fur coat) and had lots of repeats from past seasons! But here are 4 of my favorites!

Favorite 2. I keep trying to get my husband to wear matching monogrammed pajamas for Christmas morning. He thinks we should coordinate! But how cute are these Burt's Bees Family Jammies?

Favorite 3.  I just love this. I may have to get a dog just so they can wear the Frontage Faux-Fur  coat. Do you think Armondo my cat would wear this? Not to mention it is only $39! Haha!!
Favorite 4. These Vince Melange Sweatpants are needed desperately so I stop looking like a homeless person going into/out of my daughter's swim class. And for a price tag of $195 I better be wearing them every SINGLE day! This might be slightly pricy for sweatpants. But on the other hand my sweatpants are so old and gross!
Favorite 5. And I have a copy of the Ad Hoc cookbook on my kitchen counter so obviously I need the salt cellar too! But for $49 I may have to pass. So cute though!

Have you looked at the list? What are your favorites?

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baby Registry: Safety & Health


  • Baby Monitor - We have the Motorola Video monitor that has a lens that moves. So you can move it left/right, etc. Perfect for your lil flopper! Our friends have the Motorola MBP33S which is the next model up which tells the room temperature! However, you can also just by a thermoter for the room. We have one that also tells the humidity as well. Just ordered it on Amazon. We also have a drop cam for when Paul travels. 
  • Safety Gates - We got these Regalo gates and we like them since we didn't have to drill into the wood posts of handrails. 
  • Safety Locks, Covers and Cushions - Oh we just ordered all the cheapest and so far it works. For the cabinets we went with the standard cabinet door locks. We chose these because they didn't require you drilling into the cabinets. For doors that open in we chose these door locks since we have hand leaver door handles. Granted we had to drill into the door jam but that should be able to be covered easily if we move or don't need them anymore. And then for the toilets I purchased these Safety First locks but need to put them out. We also ordered a ton of the plug covers from Munchkin. 
  • Humidifier - We got a Crane's Cool Mist. I read somewhere you need to make sure it is a cool mist, but I don't know the reasoning why. 
  • Therometer - We got the Braun Ear Thermometer which is $60. We have liked it so far!
  • Room Thermometer - good for checking room temperature is not to hot or cold. 
  • Air purifier - depending on how dusty the house is. We got one because of our furry friend and went with the Hamilton Beach
  • Rectal thermoter- We bought one the Safety First after our childbirth class and have only had to use it a few times. I tend to use it when we have a fever over 100 degrees to get a more accurate reading. 
  • Nasal Aspirator - steal from hospital and then we got the snot sucker which to me they all work the same!
  • First Aid Kit - I found a lot of the stuff in these kits was stuff we already had. So I didn't get one. But we bought Baby Tylenol and it gave with the dispenser. Not to mention overtime I go to the pharmacy I get more with A's prescriptions. 
  • Baby Toothbrush - No preference here, however for teething we go the corn toothbrush and A LOVES it! Favorite toy!
  • Nail Clippers and Emery boards - I bought emery boards and they are impossible to use. Nail Clippers were like $2 at Target. 
  • Brush and Comb - We got these in the hospital and I returned what we bought! But I probably need to invest in new ones. 
  • Cleaning Supplies - I use 7th Generation and Honest Company. 
  • Laundry - I use 7th Generation Baby and Honest Company products. Everything from detergent, stain stick spray, Oxy boosters, dryer sheets, and fabric softener. I bought the Babyganics travel stain stick spray as well. 
  • Furniture and Television Straps - Need to look into this more. 
  • Shopping Cart/High Chair cover - I went with the Eddie Bauer Target and love it! 
  • Night Light - We got one as a gift!
As always if you have any questions let me know! This is a pretty big list!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's cooking good looking!!

Each week I am going to recap some of my favorite meals and recipe links! I am starting to get into more of a routine with cooking/grocery store shopping which has resulted in lots of new culinary delights and some frustration
This past week I have made...

First up was ... I saw this German Sausages with Quick Kraut and Curry Ketchup recipe on the October Martha Stewart issue. It was easy (I cheated by buying shredded cabbage, carrots and chopped onions!!). Super easy to make however I didn't realize the sausages were supposed to be cooked until after the cabbage/combo was ready. Whoops! Check out the recipe here...
Wednesday night I broke out the Crock Pot to try Carolina Charm's recipe for chicken enchilada soup. I should have put the crock pot away when I realized I forgot the first ingredient of chicken stock. Well I was able to make it back from the grocery store in time so that it would be ready around 7. This was super easy to prep especially since I bought the vegetable ingredients chopped. Towards the end I added the cojita cheese which I never used before. Anyway, since it was a late dinner we were starving by the time it was finished. And it was soooooo hot we couldn't really enjoy the flavors. But let me tell you that cojita cheese adhered to my bowls and serving spoons like you wouldn't believe. I had to go out and buy a new scraper sponge and I still feel like my ladle has the cheese still on it. Needless to say I am afraid to reheat the leftovers after I had such a hard time cleaning up after our first serving. My recommendation is definitely make this but leave out the cojita cheese!!

Next up we went back to Martha Stewart with a Pizza with Kielbasa, Apple and Cheddar Pretzel Tart recipe. So again this was a user error. I wanted my pizza stone to get hot for a crispy crust even though the recipe called for using a jelly pan/cookie sheet. Well... What I didn't think about was how to get the pizza from the peel to the stone. Anyway we ended up with this discrete...
Haha so it is not the prettiest but the tastes were still delicious!!
And for dessert...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ShopBop Friends and Family Picks - Fall 2015

Too many sales I can't take it. When am I going to win the lotto? Please too much cute stuff and I want it all. Here are a few of my favorites from the SHOPBOP friends and family sale. And if you are a Amazon Prime member you get free shipping! So think about all the extra savings!! If you are not a member you canTry Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.
ShopBop Friends and Family Picks - Fall 2015

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