Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday - Easter To Do List

Happy Friday! I can't believe Easter is coming up. Does it feel like Easter snuck up on anyone else? I kept thinking about ideas but then figured I had a ton of time. Here are 5 things I am planning on doing this weekend!

1. Making my own candies for easter! Don't worry these all look super simple to make. I found these recipes on Pinterest. Not to mention they are Paleo friendly! 
2. Remember the Easter bunny craft from earlier this week? Well I still have about 500 cotton balls left so I figured I might as well get my fill on arts and crafts. This one will be a mask made with paper plates so it should be easier than trying to paint those little baby feet. 
3. Triple-Lemon Blueberry Cake which I have written about before on my to do list but have yet to make. I think I have bought all the ingredients 2-3x but for some reason never actually made. Well now I am committed to bring this to my Aunt's house for Easter so I will definitely be doing it. I will also be making my own lemon curd from this recipe i found on Pinterest. 

4. Cinnabon Bunnies look so cute! And lets not forgot how simple with the Cinnabon rolls from the grocery store. I can't wait to make these. We always have some type of cinnamon on holidays since we eat our big meals later in the day! 
5. Hatching Hard Boiled Chicks will definitely be coming to my Aunt's house with us. A few years ago we did the deviled egg chicks and I thought this was so adorable. Not to mention so much quicker since you don't have to scoop out the eggs! 
And not to mention we also have the spring festival this weekend. I will definitely be a busy little bee chasing after the baby and getting all this accomplished. But at the same time SO incredibly excited to see lil A open her Easter basket

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend and enjoys the Spring weather!

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