Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday - Randomness

Happy Friday! This week we have had the most beautiful weather which means lots of long walks outside. I just love it so much. Not to mention I have a teething baby so the long walks are good for both of us. Overall teething is going well but she it just so uncomfortable.

Here are the 5 things I am in love with this week....

1. Biscoff Bisquits - Yes, I know this is not new but my Dad sent me a package in my Easter treat basket and I totally forgot how much I love these things! So incredible delicious!

2. Blue Apron - I have been a member of Blue Apron for almost 2 years on and off. With having a baby I can't tell you how much I love having groceries delivered to my front door. We have 3 meals a week and it is the perfect amount. I love the fact that all the ingredients are included and everything is portioned out. I didn't realize how much we were overeating until I saw actual portion sizes. The receipes are great and my husband likes to pretend he is a Top Chef judge when eating our meal. So far we have had some real winners! If you are interested in Blue Apron let me know, I get free meals occasionally and can send you a free meal.

3. Sun Visors - Totally going to rock this on my walks with baby A....

Just kidding! I found my old Burberry golf visor and LOVE it! I have a huge head and never am happy with how baseball hats fit. Love my visor!!!! Not to mention it works perfect with my top knot hairdo that I rock nonstop! I tried to find a picture but couldn't find one.

4. Southern Charm - I am SO obsessed with this show. We all know how much I love Charleston so to be able to see my favorite spots every week is so much fun. Not to mention I love the characters on this show. And it is refreshing to watch a reality tv show where people aren't constantly screaming at each other. I love Cameron and Shep. I think they could make a tv show based on the two of them. And Whitney's mother Pat really deserves her own show. She brings her own martini's to parties, has her shoes delivered to her on silver platters, and loves her cats as much as I do. For some reason I am one of the few people that like this show out of my friends. Do you watch it? If so let's chat!!!
5. Nike Tempo Shorts - Finally shorts that I can wear on walks that don't ride up. I live in these shorts lately. I read about them on Sweet Southern Prep and can't get enough of them. I bought one pair at Nordstrom (using eBates for cash back) and a pink pair at Belk.

So this weekend I am hoping the good weather continues! We are thinking of taking a day trip to Bald Head Island, or possible Myrtle Beach to the outlets. We shall see!!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Jenn

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