Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Art & Crafts Project for Baby

So the other day I realized I have never really done an arts and craft project with my baby! Considering I love my arts and crafts I was slightly disappointed with myself. Granted she is only 7.5 months old but still.

So I went to Pinterest for some ideas and found this one! I thought this looked pretty simple and really cute!

Here is how my attempt came out!

This was super simple to do!

Supplies needed: Picture of child's face, Crayola Washable paint, poster board, Elmers glue and sponge paint brush.


1.) Paint your childs foot with paint and stamp on poster board. This took me a few tries since my daughter only like to stand on her tippy toes. Make sure to do one foot at a time and have those wipes ready to clean after. The last thing you need is paint all over your floors. Also paint a little extra of the poster board so you can use it to cut out the ears and bow.

2.) I drew the bunny freehand. But I am sure you can find a bunny template online. Make sure that the bunny you draw and the picture are relative in size so it looks like a bunny head. Then cut out.

3.) Once paint is dry cut around the feet, cut strips for ears and cut out a bow.

4.) Glue face on bunny and pink strips on ears.

5.) Apply glue and cotton balls to the bunny template. I started in the middle and then moved in a circle outwards.

6.) Glue bunny feet and bow onto the bunny. Make sure to use lots of glue so it stays on.

Voila! Pinterest Win!!

What type of Easter Arts and Crafts do you do with your kids?