Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trellis Herb Garden

We are currently staying at my Mom's beach house while our house is being finished! Crossing our fingers for end of May close date!! Since we are only going to be here for a few months I didn't want to dig up the yard and put in a plant garden, or plant my herbs in a flower pot that would be hard to move. I loved my planters from last year but am afraid since we aren't here all the time they wouldn't make it through the summer. So I was browsing Pinterest and found a few cute ideas on herb gardens that can be easily transported.

Here is my inspiration...
Luckily my mom has a trellis on her patio that was PERFECT to try this out! I went to Walmart and bought some metal easter buckets and spray paint. I also bought floral wire and popsticks as well. I spray painted the buckets gold, then tied them on to the trellis with the floral wire. I tied them on in 3 places to make sure they were secure. I then popped in the plants I bought at Lowes (cilantro, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme and parsley. Then I painted the possible sticks green and with a paint pen labeled it with an herb name. 
Here is how it turned out...

Once the paint dried on the pots this took me no time at all to do. However, I learned some very important lessons. 
  1. Make sure to do on a flat hard surface and not the grass! I did it on the grass and as you can see the plastic tarp stuck to the pots. Which yes I could have repainted but that brings me to point 2
  2. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and take your wedding rings off! I had quite the mishap and had to use paint thinner on my hands and then had to rush to the jeweler to get my rings professional cleaned. Good news is that has been on my to do list since June, bad news is that I am not touching another bottle of spray paint for a few weeks (hence the not repainting). 
  3. Drill holes in the bottom of your pots to let them drain, I didn't do this and crossing my fingers that it all works out. 
I also am obsessed with the Lowe's plant department scratch and dent aisle! They always have a few carts of items that are priced $1 or $3. Nothing is wrong with the plants but it is due to over ordering or them not selling. Today I scored 2 hanging strawberry plants. WOO HOO!
Have you started planting your planters or gardens yet? Would love to see what you are doing!!

Happy Pinning!