Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Recap

Did everyone have a great Easter or Passover? We had a great weekend. Friday the weather was so incredibly beautiful that I didn't get anything on my Easter to do list done except going to the grocery store! We also managed to have an impromptu photo shoot on the beach because it was so beautiful!!

And at this point made the executive decision to cut down on all the things I was going to make. First to go was my Triple Lemon Blueberry cake. If you read my post on Friday you will know this is something that I have attempted to make multiple times but have yet to actually make it. Big plans to make it next Wednesday for my Aunt's birthday. Considering I am in charge of the cake I hope to actually make it this time! Haha!

Saturday we went out to lunch and walked around downtown at an arts and crafts show. It started off rainy but ended up being beautiful. When we got home it was still so nice out we went for another walk!
And we even got to sneak in a date night sans baby Saturday night. We had an amazing meal and I can't wait to try and recreate some of the appetizers and entrees we had. And I had a great Sauvignon blanc called Hunky Dory out of New Zealand

Easter morning I  attempted to make the "healthy chocolates" I mentioned in my post from last friday. I made coconut balls dipped in chocolate (mounds bar), peanut butter eggs (Reese's Pieces) and last minute decided to make yogurt dipped pretzels. And the verdict on all 3 recipes.... is Pinterest FAIL!!! Ugh these do not compete whatsoever with my other recipes that call for a pound of confectionery sugar.

From now on at Easter I am going with the all sugar recipes that I am used to. The Yogurt covered pretzels got so soggy and gross. On a plus I had extra chocolate from the candy attempts and decided to do chocolate covered pretzels. And those were DELISH!! SO incredibly good! Did I mention I made all of these candies Easter morning? Luckily my daughter woke up at 5:30 am and I was able to get to work. The candies didn't take long to make so that left time to attempt the  bunny cinnabon rolls from my to do list.

I would say this is a Pinterest maybe if I spent more time on it might be a success. I wasn't happy with the quality of the cinnabon rolls i got. They weren't swirled so I had to roll the dough, and not to mention super dry on the inside. I blame the fact they look like mice on the fact that I didn't buy the right kind. I went with cinnabon brand but might try a more traditional one next time.

Well, I had quite the busy morning on Sunday as you can see. By the time everyone was up we were ready to open our baskets! A loved hers (details here) and Armondo are cat LOVED his even more. Armondo would dive into his basket and take out the toys!

I swear A is happy and having fun!!

Once we opened baskets it was time for A's morning nap! She actually had two before we went to lunch at my Aunt's house. While she was napping I attempted to do the last two things on my list and then decided that I need a cup of coffee and to rest. I was way too sleepy! At my Aunt's house A got to participate in her first egg hunt. Next year we are going to be more competition. This year we were trying to take some pictures and missed some valuable egg searching time. We ended up getting 5 eggs!! WOO HOO!!
Hope you had a great Easter/Passover! Would love to hear if you any Pinterest wins or fails this past weekend!