Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter - Chickadee Deviled Eggs

With Easter being tomorrow I decided to try and make some Chickadee deviled eggs that I saw on Pinterest. Of course I thought it would only take me a few minutes to assemble, but let me tell you make sure to dedicate the proper amount of time and cook a few extra eggs as well.

Here are a few tips we learned while making these!!

  • If you are making a dozen chickadee deviled eggs, make at least 6 extra hard boiled eggs. 
  • We used the egg carton to hold and display the eggs! We thought it added more flair and we didn't have to worry about them standing up correctly. 
  • Be careful when taking out the hard boiled yolk, you don't want the egg to break. 
  • Use a icing decorating bag to fill the eggs. 
  • Pre-cut all your vegetables before hand. We cut them out and put them in little bowls and used food tweezers to place the eyes and beaks on the chickadees. 
Here is what ours looked like! I might be bias but I think they are adorable!!

Also, since this blog is new I really haven't been able to share too many photos of my adorable cat Armondo. Here are a few of my favorites of him in his bunny ears!!

By Jennifer Shelton