Friday, April 17, 2015

Favorite Toys - 8 Months Old

Happy Friday!! WOOT WOOT!! Even though I am a stay at home Mom I get so excited for the weekends and spending time as a family!

My Five on Friday post today is dedicated to A's favorite toys at 8 months old. We are just starting to see her preference for certain toys. Basically the key is that she needs to be able to put them in her mouth and chew on them. Poor lil nugget is teething and we hope the front teeth pop out anyway. I have to say to date we are SO LUCKY and teething hasn't been bad so far.

Favorite Toys - 8 Months Old

Favorite Toys - 8 Months Old by jennifer-leonard on Polyvore
And yes, you aren't going crazy and yes I know I have 6 items listed below. I just couldn't figure out which one to drop. 

The Hohner Maracitos are by far the funniest of the toys below. A loves them and shakes them all the time. The best is when we are in the car and she falls asleep with them in her hand and when we hit bumps they shake!

Infantino Dog rattle has the sweetest bell sound. I bought this when I was pregnant after seeing it in a store and had to have it. Love the fact that it is one of A's too!

Not sure what to think but my daughter LOVES to look at herself in the mirror (similar). We used to use this for tummy time, and now she picks it up and talks to herself. All I could think of is the old SNL skit with Stuart Smalley and think this is what she is babbling about when looking into the mirror. This toy also has quite the catchy tunes. 

The banana toothbrush and the vulli chew toys are constantly being washed and used. They are also the last resort/saving grace for when we are in restaurants or shopping and need A to be good for another 15-20 minutes. We do not leave the house without them. I actually need to buy more and keep them in the car for emergency situations. 

And last but not least the Baby Einstein (A's iPod!!) has been one of our favorites since she was born. We have been playing with this toy in the car since she was a few days old and we took our first trip to SC. She just loves the tunes and we actually bought two, one for the car and one for home. A is just getting to the point where she picks it up and turns it on all by herself. 

I can go on and on with toys but just wanted to point out a few of her favorites, not to mention these are all good ones for the car and traveling!!

What are your favorite toys for your children? Always looking for recommendations!!

Side note: Pinterest Dreams Blogspot is officially one year old today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!! 

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