Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1st Easter Basket Gift Ideas

So I finally discovered Polyvore and I am still learning how to put together collages so be patient with me. I just wanted to share some of the items I purchased for my daughter's Easter basket. It is her first Easter basket so I wanted to get her some keepsake items as well as fun items. Not to mention the Grandma's were very generous and purchased some of the items below as well.

One toy that I couldn't find a link to is Banner Toys! We purchased a great monogram bunny teether that was engraved with A's name on it! We are teething right now so we are very excited for a new toy!

Zebu's Pink Harriet Bunny: If you haven't heard of Zubel's check them out. They make a great and cheaper alternative to Bla Bla dolls. All of the dolls are organic and knit. I am a huge fan. You can purchase on their website or via Amazon.

Bath Toys: We are finally getting to the age where A loves her bath time. We have a few toys but always looking for more. Not to mention I feel the need to clean the bath toys every day so the more the less I have to wash.

Peter Rabbit: This was something Daddy saw at a toy store and decided that A must have it. He also purchased all of the books below there as well. You can find them at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. But Daddy had way too much fun picking out items for A's basket.

Beaufort Bonnets: These are the most adorable bonnets and clothes I have ever seen. I am slightly obsessed and can't wait for lil A to wear this outfit and sunhat. She is going to look so incredibly cute. The bucket hat has great sun coverage so perfect for our daily walks on the beach.

Hohner Musical Toys: Around Christmas I found a mariachi that Hohner made at Buy Buy Baby as I was checking out. I thought it was cute and put it in her stocking. Well let me tell you I think I could throw out all of A's other toys and she wouldn't miss them because she loves that mariachi. She loves to shake it in her stroller and carseat. My favorite is when she falls asleep with it in her hands, and then moves and it wakes her up. So anyway, long story short I found the rest of the musical instruments that I am hoping she loves.

Other items I included were a Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll Bonnet from Seaside Stitchery which is so cute! Bubbles and Sunglasses from the Target dollar aisle, and some puffs in her easter eggs!
1st Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Here are a few pictures of her almost finished Easter basket. I have a feeling I might be shopping this week and find a few last minute items.

Below please find some links to the products that I mentioned above! In addition I have a bunch of ideas on my Easter Basket Pinterest Page!

Would love to hear what you put in your children's Easter baskets as well!

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