Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday - Hilton Head

We are in Hilton Head for a long weekend getaway! So excited to be here for the first time.

It took us almost 6 hours to get here (traffic, lunch breaks, Le Creuset factory store (no good finds), gas, etc!!), so after checking in we had the concierge make us reservations at the Old Oyster House.

Luckily we left the hotel when we did, after we sat down we had a lightning and rain show. Don't get me wrong our entire meal was soooo good! But my dessert was absolute heaven. I ordered the ice cream sandwich and asked them to use salted caramel instead of vanilla ice cream.
Did I mention that they served it in a "moat of hot fudge sauce"? The ice cream was made by Hilton Head Ice Cream shop and so delicious. I now have added Hilton Head Ice Cream Shop to my to do list to try more.

When we were leaving the restaurant I was able to capture this photo of a rainbow! Not every day can you see palm trees and rainbows!!

Here are the 5 things I am looking forward to while we are here. In addition to laying on the beach and relaxing poolside!!

1. Take the ferry to Savannah
Okay probably shouldn't start off with this one since it is my first time in Hilton Head and I am looking to leave. However, I have never been to Savannah and figure this is the perfect opportunity to get a quick glimpse! I also want to eat at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. Does anyone have any recommendations of other things to do while we are here? 

2. Sunset and dinner at Skull Creek Boathouse
I was reading reviews and this place looks awesome, and not to expensive in terms of prices. If you have been here let me know what I should order!
We need to make sure we get some type of exercise/historical/scenic excursion into the vacation mix! This lighthouse is a landmark and we definitely need to make sure we go and take some pictures!
So after sampling the salted caramel ice cream at the Old Oyster Factory, I need to sample more ice cream from Hilton Head Ice Cream Shop. Not to mention we are on vacation so I plan on having ice cream every night. AND they have a cat as their logo (i am obsessed with my cat Armondo) Haha! I will be sampling the bananas foster and peanut butter ice cream definitely!
5. Mini Golf
So my husband and father-in-law will be playing real golf, I need a few more lessons before I start playing courses in Hilton Head. But I definitely want to get in some mini-golf! I am thinking Pirates Island but looking for recommendations. I need to show my husband that I might not be able to drive the ball 300 yards but I can putt! 
I am still looking for other things to do and restaurants that are a must see! So please let me know of any!! 

Happy Friday!! 

By Jennifer Shelton