Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Environmental Working Group Website

I was recently at a Beautycounter Event and they mentioned a website called EWG.org which reviews household and beauty products for safety. Most importantly they go into depth about which products say they are organic and natural but really are filled with toxic substances. 

At the Beautycounter event they spoke about how their products are approved by EWG.org as well as statistics about how lax the FDA is about approving products that the UK and Europe won't approve. Definitely check out the Beautycounter website for more information. This event made me start to think about all the products I use on my body daily that might not be the best for me. One of which is sunscreen.

Since it is summertime and we are slathering on the sunscreen and I wanted to share the EWG.org ratings. I know I have been using the Coppertone Spray suntan lotion forever because of the ease, but not anymore! Spray sunscreens have inhalation risks according to the website. They also list what you should and shouldn't be looking for in your sunscreen. Which includes...

  • No spray sunscreen
  • No super-high SPFs
  • No oxybenzone
  • No retinyl palmitate
  • No combined sunscreen/bug repellents
  • No sunscreen powders or towelettes
  • No tanning oils
So what does this all mean? On the EWG.org website they list 149 of the best sunscreens that you should be using on yourself and your children. A lot of the products listed are hard to find, but wanted to list a few that you can pickup at Target/Walmart or your pharmacy store. You can order the Beautycounter sunscreens via the link below.

The Honest Company Sunscreen SPF 30
California Baby Everyday/Year-Round Sunscreen SPF 30+ 

Beautycounter Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Sunscreen
Definitely checkout the EWG.org website for more information on everything from sunscreens, to household cleaning products to makeup information. I also downloaded the app which allows me to scan my products before I buy them and see the ratings.
By Jennifer Shelton