Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday - Father's Day!

WOO HOO Friday! It is hard to believe last time this week I was on the beach in Hilton Head. Time flies by. Today's Five on Friday is going to focus on my 5 favorites for Father's Day!

number 1
Men's Golf Polo Shirts, Golf Shorts and Golf Pants at Target! My husband is obsessed with his performance pants that he got at a sporting goods retailer. However, they are extremely pricey and I am forever washing the 2 pairs he has. He just bought a new pair of performance shorts the other day that were almost $70. I mean I am not one to judge on buying pricey clothing but I couldn't believe that he paid $70 for one pair of shorts. Not to mention he already got a stain on them that I can't get out!!
And then I was in Target the other day and they were having a sale on all their golf performance wear. All of the Champion Golf performance wear was 40% off (sale ends Saturday). SO if your husband/Dad or significant other plays golf definitely check out this sale today or tomorrow. I was able to get shirts for $11.99 and shorts/pants for $17.99. I may have gone a little overboard but for that price it is totally worth it. Did I mention these hardly wrinkle as well? 

Here are a few of the items I purchased!

C9 by Champion® Men's Advanced Driver Plaid 10" Golf Short

Men's Golf Polo Stripe

C9 By Champion® Men's Advanced Duo Dry® 10" Golf Short

number 2
For the almost Father! How cute is this idea? Making a Daddy survival kit for the hospital or changing diapers. This is a great gift for someone to give an expectant father. Not to mention it can' make a great shower gift for a Dad as well. 
Daddy To be Survival Kit
The book "Go the F To Sleep" is amazing if you haven't read it!We have definitely given this book to a few of my husbands friends who were having babies over the years. And as for music cd's for Dad check out the Rockabye Lullabies! I sometimes listen to this on my Pandora station. It takes pop/rock music and turns it into instrumentals for baby. Great way for baby to be introduced to your music! 
Rockabye Baby Michael Jackson
number 3
Free Father's Day printables. I love free printables if you haven't guessed. All you need is a printer and you can make tons of personalized gifts and items. These are great if you are having a BBQ on father's day or want something for your kids to make. I love the drink stirrers and the Dad bucks!

number 4
Let's talk about food. That is VERY important for Dad's. We need to make sure that they have a meal that is yummy on Father's day. I want to do something simple and something we can eat outdoors. A shrimp and crab boil is right up my alley! I have some shrimp spices I bought in Charleston last summer that I just found the other day in my cabinet. I will also aad some kielbasa or chorizo too the pot as well. I am not sure where you live but we have had the best corn on the cob the past few weeks in North Carolina. I am definitely going to buy extra because we are always fighting over the last piece!

number 5
Did you think I would forget about the adult beverages? I need to make sure to go to store and pickup some fun beers. I am a huge fan of the create your own six-pack at World Market. That way you can try a variety of new beers and not be committed to a whole 6 pack. 

Happy Pinning!
By Jennifer Shelton