Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Try New Things Tuesday - Arts & Crafts!

So today I woke up and realized I didn't have any projects to work on. I mean we always have cleaning and housekeeping, but that isn't any fun. So I have been exploring Pinterest for some new arts and crafts ideas to work on. What are your favorites?

I thought these would be cute for someone who has a toddler! A way to make fancy refrigerator letters, but with stainless refrigerators not sure how many people still use magnets! Basically all you need is magnet letters, spray paint and some painters tape to cover the magnet while painting.
For the backyard I thought this could be a cute hostess gift! I love the way they used the antique chalk paint to give the ring toss game more charm. I love how they added sparkles to the rings. Not sure how long they would last but definitely gives it some flair!
And last but not least I am running out of my Bliss Super Minty Soap & Scrub, and considering all the beauty purchases I made last week I need to be good and not buy a new one since they are pricey. However, definitely curious to try out this recipe for homemade bath salts. I would use peppermint essential oil to mimic the smell of my Bliss Minty Scrub. Considering this is just for me I will eliminate the gel coloring! If these work out well they could be cute stocking stuffers for the holidays!
I would love to hear your thoughts on if you have made any of these, or any tips if you have done anything similar!

Happy Pinning!