Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tie on your Lobster Bib - We're Headed to Portland!

One of the perks of being a professional wedding guest is traveling to great cities near and far.  My husband and I live in Boston and we are excited to hit some New England hot spots this summer.  
We took a 3 day weekend and ventured up to Portland and Freeport, Maine for Katelyn and Ben's wedding.  Katelyn is Jon's cousin and they have always been close.  My father-in-law even performed the ceremony and married the happy couple!  

We drove up to Portland on a gorgeous (and hot) Friday morning.  From Boston's south shore, it took us approximately two and half hours.  Portland is a small town and parking was easy to find.  We spent a majority of the day at the waterfront and exploring the restaurants and shops in Old Port.

True to form, as soon as we arrived we saddled up to a bar for craft beer and a snack.  The Sliney's typically eat every 2 hours so you'll notice we have a ton of restaurants in the agenda. It's a great foodie town and seafood isn't that filling- right?  Portland is also famous for all of their local breweries and craft beer, which is right up our alley!  

Our favorite spots of the day:
The Thirsty Pig - We walked by this spot and were intrigued by their handmade sausages.  Jon and I split one of the blueberry and chicken sausages and loved it!  

The Portland Lobster Company - My husband loves lobster, he can crack one in 3 seconds flat.  He had a personal best of 8 lobsters in one sitting at an all you can eat lobster bake (it ended with a slow clap and concerned looks).  I enjoy them, but since I grew up in Ohio, I always take the lazy way out and order lobster rolls.  The other thing is I can't avoid thinking I look like the Seinfeld man hands episode when I try to crack one (I digress).  We loved sitting on the patio of the Portland Lobster Company over looking the marina.  One of the most notable things to point out is that they make their lobster rolls with drawn butter - no mayo in sight, they were delicious!  

The Holy Donut - I walked by the Holy Donut in Old Port and was intrigued.  These donuts are actually made with mashed potatoes from Maine.  I ordered the popular Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt flavor and really liked it.  I didn't find it to be too sweet and it was really light and fluffy.  

J's Oysters - We also absolutely love oysters and some locals recommended this spot.  It is really small and has a dive feel.  We were so pleased to find they had $1 oysters on their menu.  Even though the oysters at the time were from Virginia, they were still extremely fresh and delicious.

I did my fair share of shopping in Portland as well.  I found some beautiful home decor stores that you will have to check out if you visit!  My favorites were Folly 101 (coastal chic), Blanche + Mimi (gorgeous textiles and vintage accessories), K Colette (unique and beautiful).

Since we traveled to Freeport for the night, we didn't take full advantage of all of the breweries in the area or the great restaurants for a nice dinner out.  We are definitely planning to return to Portland in the fall for my husband's birthday.  If anyone has any great restaurant recommendations, please be sure to leave them in the comments.  I would love to hear from you!  

Happy Pinning!