Friday, November 7, 2014

My (I mean Oprah's) Friday Favorites!!

I am SO in the Christmas spirt! It started when I saw that Oprah released her favorite things list!! And it has snowballed since reading the list two days ago. Yesterday at Stroller Strides I saw the grounds crew putting up the tree and decorations at Birkdale Village where my class is held and I squealed with delight. And then after class I went to Michael's and my head started to spin with ideas of new decorations to attempt!

So enough rambling about my love of Christmas and down to business. I am slightly obsessed with Oprah's Favorite Things list. It is so fun to see what she picks out each year. I love some of the ridiculous stuff, but then again I have found a few products like EOS, Chicken Pot Pies and my Ciao Bella Blood Orange Gelato. Not going to lie when reading the first few items I was quite disappointed. Even if I had all the money in the world it wasn't anything I loved. Luckily I kept reading on and found a few things that I may have to add to my Christmas List. This years list definitely focuses on pampering yourself! Most of the items on the list are perfect for a snowy day where you just want to relax inside in your pajamas!

My Favorites
Copper Tray and Mug Set - Love these! I can just imagine now sitting outside on my new back patio drinking these. Unfortunately with a $365 price tag I will have to keep on imagining!!

Kate Spade Ballpoint Pens - What can I say? I love everything Kate Spade. How cute are these colors? But with a $36 price tag I think I would only use the pens when I am actually writing letters to Oprah. I would be so afraid that I would lose the pen. Maybe I will get the pen for our home closing. Haha!
Nate Berkus at Target Dessert Plate Set - Well for one thing these are actually affordable and I can actually afford them. And they would like great with my dishes. I am going to have to watch these and see if they go on sale at Target.
Vineyard Cuff Links - These might be the perfect present for my husband. Since we have so many expenses we are buying each other stuff for the home, however for $68 these would make a great gift.
Ultimate Welcome Home Present - What a great idea for a new baby. I am definitely going to have to add this to my go to shower gifts. I have a few Burt's bees clothes and burp rags that I love. The cotton is so incredibly soft.
Edward Bess Black Sea Precious Pearl Perfector - I am just intrigued by this. I am always on the lookout for new facial creams. Anything to look younger and 25 right? Has anyone tried this yet?

Remarkable Bark - I am drooling right now reading the description …"part graham cracker, part toffee bar, etc". In other words part heaven!!
Most Ridiculous
Vine and Bloom Box - Seriously flowers flown over from Hawaii to make your house smell good? Oh that makes the $180 price tag okay because they also have a coupon code for 20% off.
Happy Holiday Loaf - A $150 sourdough loaf of bread? Time to put those wedding presents to use and start baking bread!!

I was also proud to learn that Oprah and I have the same love of cookware (Le Creuset)!!! I have both the stoneware and the cast iron that I use daily. They are definitely worth the investment. And make sure you buy them at the outlet. They are half the price and in great condition. Not to mention if you are looking for a certain piece/color they will take your name and number and call you when they have it. I believe they also have free shipping. Most of my stoneware I have picked up at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Homegoods, for some reason the stoneware is super expensive at the outlet. I have the white color and for some reason only a few retailers (Macy's) carry that line in store.

I also have a gift card for Warby Parker but have yet to pick out a pair of glasses. Has anyone tried it online? I know they have a store in Boston, I am heading up there next weekend but not sure if I will have enough time to stop by.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Oprah's list? What do you want? Any must haves?

Also, I am started a Christmas List 2014 Pinterest board that you should check out! This is for the entire family! So Mom if you are reading make sure to take notes!!

Happy Pinning!!

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