Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday - Things I Love About Boston

I am so excited to be heading to Boston today for a shower. It is a short trip and really I only have 1 day, but it got me thinking about what I miss about living in Boston. One thing I am not looking forward to is the snow they had last night and this cold front! Better drink extra red wine to stay warm!

1. The North End Food and Drink
This is where I lived for 8 of the 15 years I was in Boston. For those not familiar this is the little Italy of Boston. I love the fact that you can smell the garlic cooking on really cold nights, the coziness of having a big bowl of homemade pasta and lots of red wine followed by cananolis! I could go on and on about my favorites but here is the short list!
The wine Bottega many of bottles of wine bought and consume here!
Modern Pastry is the home of the best cannoli in Boston!
Monica's Food - Take out from the Mercato, Cozy Dinners at Trattoria or sitting at the bar at Vinoteca
2. Clarke's Nachos
We started going to Clarke's at Faneuil Hall after college since it was in Faneuil Hall, didn't charge a cover, no lines and $2 Miller Lite drafts. All the perfect requirements for recent graduates with no money. Over the years we also discovered their amazing pub food (love the fries) but the one thing that we loved the most was their nachos! Grilled chicken, nachos, Fresh tomatoes, loaded with lots of shredded cheese and of course the perfect chip with the correct amount of salt on it!! Many topics, ideas, and plans were discussed over these nachos along with our Miller Lites. Plus the nachos were a good dinner before dancing at the Bell & Hand. Side note you know a bar is classy when on the front page of the website it says largest and cleanest bathrooms in Faneuil Hall! Also the Miller Lights are $3 now!!
Best Nachos in Boston
I started to go to Flour when they had 1 little bakery in the South End for their amazing  sandwiches. Since then they have expanded into multiple locations and Joanne Chang (chef) has written 2 cookbooks. I have each edition signed by Joanne, although I probably creeped her out when I met her since I was so starstuck! If you are looking for the best baked good recipes try these cookbooks out. I have taken my chocolate chip cookies and banana bread to the next level! Not to mention I blame Flour for the 10lbs I gained while working across the street!! I am already thinking about their sticky buns. 
Flour Bakery
Photo Credit
4. Shopping on Newbury Street 
This is where I used to get into lots of trouble! From Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, H&M, Zara, and more. Of course brunching at Stephanie's on Newbury for Bloody Mary's was always a must as well on Saturday afternoons. 
5. These Ladies
These are the ladies that I have shared countless fun days and nights with! Eating and drinking at our favorite dives and most of all we all loved to dannnnce!!

So excited for to go see these ladies!! 

Happy Friday!!

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