Monday, April 21, 2014

My Southern I'Dos - Dessert Time

I am not sure if it is because I ate so many sweets yesterday, or the fact that I am craving them now that I decided to write a post about my dessert table at my wedding.

A few years ago we went to a wedding and instead of doing traditional cake, they passed around mini milkshakes, cake pops and ice cream sandwiches. Both my husband and I thought that it was the best idea ever. Not to mention you can always find me on the dance floor by the time the cake is being served and I always miss out.

Here are some of my pins I used for inspiration for my dessert table!!
 Even though we were having a dessert table we wanted to make sure we did have a cake to cut.

 The dessert table from Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's wedding! I guess good minds think alike!
Of course we had to put our own spin on the dessert table. So we went with miniature pies for guests since we wanted to have a backyard bbq feel to our wedding. Then we ordered mini canolis since my husband and I met and lived in the North End of Boston. If you aren't familiar with Boston that is the little Italy section of the city. My husband is from Ohio so of course we had to have buckeyes on the table, and last but not least we had a cookie jar full of Oreos!! My husband and I met at The Sail Loft on Boston's waterfront and at the bar they always have a cookie jar full of Oreos! So of course we needed to incorporate that detail into our dessert table. We also had our caterer make us a small cake that we could cut for the cake cutting!! Here are some pictures from our dessert table!

I found these great signs at Paper Source that I used all over the wedding. You can't see in the picture but it says Love Is Sweet. Also, my caterer had farm table toppers made. We were able to use these at our wedding and save lots of money!! 
We also used the bridesmaid bouquets to add more flowers to the table. In the framed picture is my husband and I in front of the The Sail Loft. Where we met!
 I would have loved to ship canoli's down from the North End in Boston, but since our wedding was on a Sunday we weren't sure how they would have held up. Instead we went to the next best thing! The Whole Foods in Mount Pleasant! That is our little secret!
Ohio Buckeys from Malleys in Ohio. Malleys has the best chocolates! Not to mention my sister-in-law worked there in high school. I actually have a HUGE Malley's chocolate bunny that is calling me right now!
Hamby's Catering created all of the mini-pies and tarts for our wedding. 

 Picture of our cake! It was extremely simple and exactly what we wanted. We had a few flowers decorating the sides, and then a burlap flower on top. The flower was actually a decoration on a Christmas present from my mother-in-law!!
 I saw these forks on Etsy and had to have! I put them on my Christmas list and my sister-in-law ordered them for me! I was so excited. They were engraved with Mr and Mrs on them too! My friend Lauren made us the pink napkin which she gave to me as a shower present. The cake plate we used was a pink depression glass that we had. And my mother-in-law bought us the Kate Spade cake serving knives as well!
 We received Kate Spade champagne glasses as a wedding present. Obviously this is a before picture because all night I had a glass of bubbly in my hands!!

 I found these small chalkboard signs at World Market and used them ALL over our wedding! You can also get a glimpse of the chevron bags we had for guests to take home food at the end of the night. The bags had our monogram on them as well!
 You may ask what is this? Well this is the Groom's cake. We are slightly obsessed with our cat and since he couldn't be at the wedding (even though he owns a bow tie) we had to incorporate him somehow! My Mother-in-Law ordered this cake for the rehearsal dinner but it was way too fabulous to cut into. So our Armondo cake also made an appearance at our wedding. Not only do we have a cat we love, my husband is slightly obsessed with his salt water fish tank.
 This is the original picture that my mother-in-law gave the bakery to base the cake off of. This is one of the many Halloween costumes we have for Armondo. He is such a natural in front of the camera!

 Last but not least a picture of my husband and I cutting our wedding cake!!

All right I am off to eat some of my Malley's chocolate bunny!

Happy Pinning!!
By Jennifer Shelton