Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday - Charleston

We are headed to Charleston this weekend and I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning! I can't wait to get there. We haven't been back since our wedding so really looking forward to our trip. Here are 5 things we are going to do/visit!

1. Francis Marion Hotel - Looking forward to staying on a different side of King Street. We normally stay at the French Quarter Inn and looking to explore this area more.

2. The Macintosh Restaurant - The past few times we have visited Charleston we have tried to go here but it has never worked out. So excited to finally try this for dinner.

3. Callie's Hot Little Biscuit - This is something I read about online and started following them on Facebook. I drool over their pictures everyday and can't wait to try for breakfast. I figure the walk from the hotel to their shop will totally justify all the calories I will be consuming.

4. Husk - We have reservations for lunch and crossing my fingers that the munchkin does well. I have been to Husk for dinner and drinks. I am so looking forward to their brunch/lunch drinks and burgers.

5. Southern Charm - I am SUCH a loser but I totally want to check out Sermet (say hi to JD), maybe a walk by Pat's house,  and Palace Hotel which is Shep's restaurant.

And let's not forget the shopping!! We need to stop by Lilly (see 4/22 post), Tervis Tumblers (long story), M Dumas & Sons, JCrew (see Wednesday's post), Pepper Palace for horseradish (see post here), and the Christmas ornament store. We love to visit the Christmas ornament store and buy ornaments for our cat. The funny thing is we always buy one we already have!!

We will only be there for 36 hours so I am planning on eating/shopping my way through the city! Hope the bambino and hubby can keep up!

Have a great weekend!

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