Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday - Favorites this Week

So this is the last Friday we will be at the beach! Our home is almost done and we are headed back to be closer to the house as they finish the last touches. Can't wait to jump right back into everything when I get back. Baby A has her first swim lessons, and we have our new home orientation. I can hardly wait. I ordered our mattresses and the Serena & Lily counter chair. I ordered in navy and can't wait to see how it looks. If you order one chair they will allow you to return for free. So we are going to test it out, and if we like it order the others.

Here are my five favorite things this week!!

1. Beautycounter Social 
I am hosting a Beautycounter social this month and so excited to buy some new makeup/products. I am so incredibly low on EVERYTHING and will definitely be stocking up. If you aren't familiar with Beautycounter check out their website here. The products try to use the most natural ingredients and follow the strictest guidelines. I use all of their products for kids on Baby A. Then for myself I have been using the Rosewater Toner, Eye Cream, and Suntan lotion. Check out my blog post from earlier this week with what else I am looking at. I also forgot to include the shampoo and conditioner on my list!
2. eBates 16% back this week!! 

eBates is giving back 16% cash back this week on purchases at certain stores. I was available to take advantage of the Macy's and Sak's discount. So that means that my Tory Burch sandals cost $101 instead of $122.

SO EXCITED!! And Sak's has free shipping too! So definitely keep checking eBates daily to see if they add any new stores. If you are not familiar with eBates check out my old blog post here, just for signing up and making a purchase you get a $10 gift card. To date I have gotten back $104 since I joined.

3. My Strawberry Plants
I love checking daily on how my strawberry plants are doing. I can't believe how many strawberries we have gotten so far. Granted I can only make a shortcake for one person but it is still fun. Best $6 I spent at the Lowe's scratch and dent aisle.
4. Sandra Boynton Children Books
I just love these so much! They are so much fun to read to Lil A! Not to mention she just laughs at the sounds I make. I am a big fan of how many of them are written in songs. I am the worst singer ever and it just makes A laugh so hard. I bought 3 new books this week and can't wait to complete the collection. Right now The Bunny Show (from the Easter bunny) and the Dog book are our favorites.
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
5. Shrimp & Grits Sale
Are you familiar with Shrimp & Grits? They have the cutest children's clothes and are having a great fall sale right now. I was able to pick up 2 reversible dresses for Lil A and I can't wait to get them. Definitely check out the sale!! These are the two dresses we got! I totally justified the cost by the fact they are 2 dresses in one!!

Hope you have a great weekend!
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