Friday, May 8, 2015

FIVE ON FRIDAY - Tory Burch New Items to Sale

SOOOOOOO my clothes better sell on eBay fast because I have a list of shoes, clothes and jewelry that Tory Burch just added to the sale. My shopping bag is already filled. I just have to wait until Sunday when everything sells. However, I don't know if I am going to chance not getting the flip flops. I might get those tonight.

Also Nordstrom is doing price matching right now for Tory Burch sandals that both Nordstrom and sell, which means if you buy from Nordstrom you get free shipping. And if you have eBates you will get 3% back if you buy from Nordstrom. If you don't have eBates you can sign up here.... To learn more about eBates see my old post.

And I have a ton of stuff on sale right now on eBay (Lilly, Banana Republic, Loft, etc), my screen name is jennyluhu. if you are in Charlotte check out my items for sale on Fickleresale. If you are not a member of Fickle Resale let me know and I can add you if you live in Charlotte.

Check out my 5 Favorites below....

What are your favorites? Any advice on sizing?
Tory Burch - New Items to Sale