Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baby Registry: Safety & Health


  • Baby Monitor - We have the Motorola Video monitor that has a lens that moves. So you can move it left/right, etc. Perfect for your lil flopper! Our friends have the Motorola MBP33S which is the next model up which tells the room temperature! However, you can also just by a thermoter for the room. We have one that also tells the humidity as well. Just ordered it on Amazon. We also have a drop cam for when Paul travels. 
  • Safety Gates - We got these Regalo gates and we like them since we didn't have to drill into the wood posts of handrails. 
  • Safety Locks, Covers and Cushions - Oh we just ordered all the cheapest and so far it works. For the cabinets we went with the standard cabinet door locks. We chose these because they didn't require you drilling into the cabinets. For doors that open in we chose these door locks since we have hand leaver door handles. Granted we had to drill into the door jam but that should be able to be covered easily if we move or don't need them anymore. And then for the toilets I purchased these Safety First locks but need to put them out. We also ordered a ton of the plug covers from Munchkin. 
  • Humidifier - We got a Crane's Cool Mist. I read somewhere you need to make sure it is a cool mist, but I don't know the reasoning why. 
  • Therometer - We got the Braun Ear Thermometer which is $60. We have liked it so far!
  • Room Thermometer - good for checking room temperature is not to hot or cold. 
  • Air purifier - depending on how dusty the house is. We got one because of our furry friend and went with the Hamilton Beach
  • Rectal thermoter- We bought one the Safety First after our childbirth class and have only had to use it a few times. I tend to use it when we have a fever over 100 degrees to get a more accurate reading. 
  • Nasal Aspirator - steal from hospital and then we got the snot sucker which to me they all work the same!
  • First Aid Kit - I found a lot of the stuff in these kits was stuff we already had. So I didn't get one. But we bought Baby Tylenol and it gave with the dispenser. Not to mention overtime I go to the pharmacy I get more with A's prescriptions. 
  • Baby Toothbrush - No preference here, however for teething we go the corn toothbrush and A LOVES it! Favorite toy!
  • Nail Clippers and Emery boards - I bought emery boards and they are impossible to use. Nail Clippers were like $2 at Target. 
  • Brush and Comb - We got these in the hospital and I returned what we bought! But I probably need to invest in new ones. 
  • Cleaning Supplies - I use 7th Generation and Honest Company. 
  • Laundry - I use 7th Generation Baby and Honest Company products. Everything from detergent, stain stick spray, Oxy boosters, dryer sheets, and fabric softener. I bought the Babyganics travel stain stick spray as well. 
  • Furniture and Television Straps - Need to look into this more. 
  • Shopping Cart/High Chair cover - I went with the Eddie Bauer Target and love it! 
  • Night Light - We got one as a gift!
As always if you have any questions let me know! This is a pretty big list!!

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