Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Registering for Baby - Baby Gear

Oh Baby Gear! This is all the stuff that is going to take up most of the room in your living room! Since we are in the process of building a new home I swore I was going to get the minimum. And I really registered for the minimum. However, over the past 5 months I have slowly bought more based on the realization that babies really do need 10 places to sit everyday!

I registered at Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn, but ended up completing all my registry items on Amazon. Looking back I should have gone with Amazon over Buy Buy Baby. If you haven't started your registry yet I would check out Amazon to Create an Amazon Baby Registry.

So let's start with the stuff that you can carry the baby with.
  • Baby Carrier - Went with Ergo but after we purchased they came out with Ergo 360 which I like better. I feel that A likes to look around and wants to see the world. We have only used this a few times when we have gone apple picking, pumpkin picking, and the occasional shopping trip. I also bought the infant insert and returned it. We didn't use it at all when she would have needed the infant insert. I think if you are looking to carry the baby around I would suggest a wrap baby carrier. I also received a Lalabu which I loved! This was the perfect shirt that you just had to stick the baby into. You didn't have to worry about tying wraps, etc. 

  • Bouncer/Rocker - Mamaroo which Avery uses 3-4 times per day and takes most of her naps in it. It is going to be a sad day when we can't use it anymore. It also can connect to an iPod to play music. I know people are against a rocker, swing, etc however this to me is a must have. It soothes the baby and not to mention quite the conversation piece when people come over who don't have children. My husband want to work on a Mamaroo for adults! 
  • Baby Chair - The other thing that I would highly recommend is the Fisher Price Rock n Play. This was used non-stop for the first 3 months. If she wasn't doing tummy time or in the mamaroo she was in this sleeper.  It also vibrates which is key when they are newborns. Avery took all of her naps during the day in this too. The new version of this rocks it self and has white noise included. I would definitely get the newer version that rocks itself. I know that sounds so lazy but when you are trying to cook dinner and rock at the same time it gets quite difficult. 

  • Playard/Pack and Play - We have one that has the bassinet, changing table and then also vibrates and plays music. We use the changing table constantly. I never actually used the bassinet but probably should have. I always used the Fisher Price Rock and Sleeper. When we move into the new house we will most likely only use this for travel. Right now our nursery is on the third floor while we hang out in the finished basement most of the day. 
  • Playard Sheets - Just bought at Target or Amazon. Nothing special to recommend except get 2 sets. Just in case when you are traveling the lil bambino has an accident. 
  • Jumparoo - This is something you won't need right away. However, around 4 months our daughter only wanted to stand when you were sitting down. So we put together our Fisher Price Rainforest jumper that friends got us and boy does she love it! She jumps for hours in this thing. Well not hours but at least 40 minutes. She loves the music and the little butterfly which she eats. This is definitely one of those things you won't need right away but at some point I would invest in some type of jumper, activity station, etc. 
  • Activity Mat - So important for tummy time! And also for stretching out and playing. We use ours all the time. We bought the skip hop one and have been extremely happy. I switch out some of the toys and add our own. Not to mention it is easy to wash as well. Very important if you have a spitter upper like me! 
  • Bumbo Chair - So I am not 100% sold on this. Right now we use it to feed A, but that is just because we haven't put together our high chair yet. When it comes to playing she only will sit in it for 15-20 minutes. We have the tray and I bought some toys that stick to the tray, so hoping this might help keep her attention more. 

  • Walker - This is something that we haven't looked into at all. My Mom bought one at Target a few weeks ago for her house but Avery's little legs aren't long enough. I am thinking maybe next month we will look into getting one. I have been a big fan of Baby Einstein toys so I may look at their walker as well. 
Those are some of the bigger baby gear items that I recommend. Make sure to check out my past registry posts on Nursery Items and Strollers as well. The next registry blog post will be on nursing and feeding.

Happy Pinning!