Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ghost Footprint cards!

So I will say that this Is a Pinterest neutral. The reason it failed was part user error and part toddler that wanted no part in the arts and craft project. Needless to say cleanup got a lil out of hand.
The goal was to make the following from Pinterest....
Simple enough right? Well lil miss did not like paint on her hands and it ended up on my shirt. Feet was a lil easier based on the hold I had her. I basically was holding her and pressing the paper on her foot to stamp.

Craft paper
Sharpie Pen

Oh what is that you say ... The ghosts are all upside down? Yep!!! Of course I realized that after we were done!
Okay, maybe I can save these if I do post cards! Don't mind the uneven cutting.
They definitely needed a lil more definition so I outlined with a Sharpie pen. Then they were still too bare so we added a message.

So in theory this is a super simple DIY but that depends on your child!!!

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