Friday, October 9, 2015

Five on Friday - Shopping Deal Websites!!!

I am naturally a deal shopper! Always waiting and waiting for coupons or items to go on sale. In the past few months I have started to follow a few new Facebook groups that I have purchased from. Be warned these are highly addictive!!

Organic Mama Deals and Organic Mama Deals Clothing Companion
Heather finds the cutest stuff and super cheap. I love Organic Mama Deals for household/beauty items that are all natural. And I might as well just give Heather all my money for the baby and kids items. Here are a few items that I have purchased! I couldn't find pictures of the rest. How cute are these pajamas going to look with a green monogram? If you are interested in joining either group send me a private message and I will add you.

2. Sample Sale Mom Deals
Sarah is a genius! I don't know how she finds these deals on Amazon and a the web but she finds the best stuff for super cheap. All Clad set of 10 pots for $299, Hunter Rain Boots at Costco for $79, to name a few. This is one of those Facebook groups that I have an alert for so I don't miss any deals!

3. Smocking Hot Mamas on Facebook
My friend Lori from Everyday Lovliness introduced me to this group and I have found the best kids clothes. Most of the time New With Tags or items that have only been worn once for pictures. If you are a fan of smocked clothing then you definitely have to check this Facebook group out. And it is a great place to sell items that you don't need anymore. Most items sell within an hour! Just make sure to check the rules and see if your brand is listed on the approved brands list.

4. The Beaufort Bonnet Resale on Facebook
Not only does this site have great deals on used Beaufort Bonnet items but I learn so much about other brands, coordinating items, etc. The group is so helpful if you have questions about cleaning your Beaufort Bonnet items, sizing, monograms, and even suggestions on naming your child. I love this group and have bought a few items from it too!

5. Okay, this one isn't officially a deal site but did you here that Amazon has launched Introducing Amazon Handmade? I saw some adorable items and can't wait to do more searching/buying. Interested to see how this competes with Etsy. And right now the quality is far from Etsy. However this teepee is cute!
Teepee Tent

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