Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites - Halloween Decorations

I am so excited that fall is here. Don't get me wrong I love summer but I love decorating for fall. Not to mention I get to work on all of my Pinterest wins and fails. I have been doing so well in the win department and wanted to share a few of my creations.

1. Front Door - So how hard is it to grow these gorgeous heirloom pumpkins? I mean these pictures I see on Pinterest must cost hundreds of dollars. So I am always on the lookout for cheap pumpkins and actually stuck a gold mine at Walmart. They ranged from $2-7. I obviously want more pumpkins but I figured I can add 1-2 a week. Whole foods had some amazing 2 for $15 greenish pumpkins that were so pretty but I was good and didn't get them. I also need to work on the spookiness. After Halloween I will be shopping the 50% off items for next year.
I made this sign tonight so it didn't make the original picture!

2. Lollipop Spiders - Pinterest Win! I did a blog post the other day about these. Super easy, cheap and quick for a cute Halloween treat.

3. Pumpkin Voltives - This was inspired by the dollar aisle at Target. Or shall I say the 3 dollar aisle. What is with all the $3 items? I mean sometimes it is worth it but the whole point is it is the dollar aisle. Way too many $3 items in my opinion and such a tease. So I saw these pumpkin candles and figured I could make these myself. So I bought the $1 burlap ribbon from target, and then painted faces and glued them on to mason jars. I thought they came out so cute! Excuse my bad photography, it was late and I needed a quick picture!

4. Cat Halloween Costumes - Okay this one is really from the October issue of Martha Stewart Living but still. I will wait for the actual costume picture with Armondo in it for Halloween. My cat has already worn this costume a few times around the house. Guess which one he is going to be?

5. Spooky Mirror - I bought this black drape last year at Target for 90% off. So then this year I probably spent another $30-40 trying to figure out how to use it! Haha! I bought the bat stickers, glittery and burlap pumpkins at Target. The candleholder is a gift I gave my mother years ago for Christmas. She was going to give it away (see if I give her another gift again!!)  and I thought it would be perfect for Halloween. Can I tell you how hard it was to find a pack of 8 dark grey/black tapered candles? I totally lucked out at Home Goods and grabbed the only set. And of course as I am writing this I realized you can see all my dishes drying on the counter!
Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a safe and dry weekend!!
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