Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday - Valentines Day Inspiration for Kids

Yes, I know Valentines day is over 3 weeks away but these days my boss (lil A) is keeping me quite busy. So I need to start prepping in advance for the holiday! Here are 5 of my favorite Valentines inspirations. 

1. Yoda Best Valentine
Again, I know a few of A's older friends that would thinks this is the best, not to mention this might be what she makes her Daddy! source
2. I "Wheelie" like you!
For A's Boyfriends! How adorable! I really don't want to give candy to kids so a lil matchbox car is perfect.  source

3. Your "Purrrfect" to me
For A's Girlfriends! Not to mention I have so much leftover craft paper from her birth announcements that I can reuse. All I need to do is buy some googlie eyes! source

4. Monogramed Heart Napkins
Did I tell you that I got a monograming machine from Santa? I am still practicing but this looks like the perfect opportunity to test it out and make monogramed heart napkins. source But then again I will have to price it out, it might be easier to buy them at PB. But then again that wouldn't be any fun! Haha!

5. TuTu skirt
I made something similar for A for Christmas. Thinking I can repurpose what I made and add some valentines day tulle. I will do a blog post on how to make the tutu skirts later (SO SIMPLE!!). We also already have the heart sunglasses which I picked up at Target before she was born!

So as you can see I will be busy for the next few weeks working on my projects! Today after the gym I will be hitting up Michael's! WOO HOO!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Happing Pinning!

xoxo Jenn